BakeSmart, one of the pioneer baking software solutions providers in the United States announced a major shift in its business model, changing from perpetual software licensing to a subscription based pricing. What does this mean for businesses in the baking industry?

The subscription business model is steadily gaining track in different industries. While it is mainly service businesses that opt for subscription billing, a number of product businesses have also found success in the business model. Gift boxes and food subscription businesses are good examples of product businesses that have employed subscription business model. Last week, the baking industry entered the subscription industry with BakeSmart switching its software pricing model to a subscription based one.

Restaurants and bakeries can now enjoy BakeSmart’s baking software at affordable cost based on the scale of their business. This means that businesses can now consume the software based on their needs. The subscription pricing for the software starts at $125 per month plus $1500 set up fees. Restaurants that require more robust software capabilities are billed based on their capacities.

BakeSmart Subscription Software Services

BakeSmart offers a range of services for the online bakery or restaurant that is keen on improving its bottom line. By taking advantage of the company’s subscription billing services, bakeries can have more time to concentrate on their core business of making their variety of products without having to worry about the technical aspects of accepting orders online, managing inventory, tracking ingredients and setting up pricing.

The main features of BakeSmart’s software include:

a) Retail POS

The Retail POS module makes it easy for bakeries to keep track of customer orders in an easy way. The POS screen is easy to learn and streamlines order taking, reducing mistakes that can occur in manual order taking. The POS module is suitable for restaurants and bakeries of all types and sizes.

b) Custom Cakes

The Custom Cakes module allows bakeries total flexibility and accurate pricing of their cakes. Bakeries that introduce new fillings or special flavors, icings or decorations usually have a difficult time changing their product prices. The Custom Cakes module automatically adds new price based on the additional icings or fillings. Apart from this, the software makes it easy to calculate prices of multi sized and flavored cakes.

c) Ecommerce

Bakeries that sell online can seamlessly integrate BakeSmart Online with their websites. When customers order custom cakes and other products, the software will automatically send an email notification to the business owner. Online orders can be downloaded in a single click. Business owners will not miss any orders with this module.

d) Wholesale Module

Large bakeries that manage hundreds of orders or customers can use the Wholesale model to save time. The module makes it easy to automatically create standing orders, track invoices and statements and manage customer accounts. Bakery owners can offer discounts and automatically assign custom price levels to different orders.

e) Nutrition & Costing

The Nutrition & Costing module enables bakery owners to automatically know their margins and thus make better decisions when they receive inventory ingredients. This costing feature eliminates guesswork in pricing, enabling you to determine your margins easily and thus price your products appropriately.

f) Inventory Management

BakeSmart enables business owners to have total control of their business inventory. Business owners can know the ingredients and products and available in store, which ones are moving fast and which ones need to be restocked. This ensures better stock cash management and reduces capital waste in procuring ingredients that take a long time to move.

To learn more about BakeSmart subscription services, head over to the company’s website.