The whole checkout experience is very fragile, and getting the experience right is always a big challenge. to comply to the  Data Security Standards and also get the user to take the motivated action of completing the whole ‘Checkout’ process is a tough ask. After analyzing thousands of checkout pages, we finally deliver the perfect checkout pages that fit both PCI compliance and conversion rate puzzle.

First-off: Why the Hosted Checkout Pages?

If you wish to accept credit cards for your business, it is critical for you to have a checkout page that complies to Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards. For businesses of any size, this is a laborious process and could stretch out for months, an alternative to this is to start off with a hosted checkout page of any PCI compliant services such as ChargeBee.

However, with varying needs of every customer each checkout page needed to be optimized to the correct fit of the merchants and their services or products.  So getting the framework right for the hosted checkout pages was even more pronounced. And after tons of research and a host of new features, here’s unravelling the key to perfect checkout pages.

Some of you have already had the behind the curtains access and have been helping us beta test it(And a real big thank you for that!). For the rest of you, let me take you for a spin on what’s new and and the step behind it.

Re-imagine you Checkout Flow

Checkout pages tend to be long, dull and nowhere near to fun. Heck, some could even scare customers away with the sheer length and number of fields in the form. So our magic solution: Introducing Rhapsody, a layered checkout flow to guide your customers through, one step at a time.

Or, do you need a shipping address too on your checkout page and does the whole form’s length give you an icy fear? Look to the Minimal theme for a clear and minimalistic checkout impression

And for those who prefer a simple, graceful and classic checkout pages, have a look at Elegant theme for a simple and holistic checkout pages



Call the shots: What stays and what it says

Ever wondered, deeper reasoning behind why your checkout page has a Subscribe button when technically it should be inclined towards Submit, 구독 신청 or at least Abbonarsi(Oh! That’s Korean and Italian for ‘Subscribe’). Now choose what fields you wish to collect in your checkout page and customize it to what you wish to say in it.

Checkout Page with Mandarin Text

Cashmere Blue or Orchid Purple!… Get some vibrance to your checkout pages

Colourful Presets

A wise man once said “With gorgeous websites comes gorgeous checkout pages”. That same gorgeousness that goes into designing your websites can now go into your checkout pages too! Whether its Orchid Purple or Cashmere Blue, colour your checkout pages with some magnetic styling and artistic vibrance.

Update Card Page is Here

And finally, the rabbit’s out of the box! Now you have a whole new checkout page for the Update Card API call or for the Request Card Details action. This checkout page will showcase the last four digits of the existing card on file and it’s expiry.

Update Card Checkout Page

Since all of our themes are based on responsive web design, the checkout pages are optimized for all range of devices. Try our hosted pages out and do drop a word on what you like or on what we missed out. For more details, check here or drop us a line at