Looking for a Stripe Billing alternative?

Thousands of businesses worldwide use Chargebee to deliver an exceptional subscription experience. And for good reason.

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Go Beyond Billing

Your billing system cannot be an addon. It cannot be an afterthought.

Billing sits at the heart of your subscription business, and it's just not fair to your team or your customers to decouple your billing from their experience.

While Stripe sure has revolutionized payments, your business deserves a more robust subscription management engine than Stripe Billing.

Chargebee enables everything to be plug and play

From great checkout experiences to self-service portals. From complex billing rules to intelligent analytics. Chargebee’s baked-in solutions and integrations cover all that you need right now and in the future, as your business evolves.

We haven't forgotten about your developers, either

With our robust RESTful APIs and SDKs, your developers can tailor delightful experiences with intuitive billing capabilities. Having said that, we believe that the power of your subscription solution lies in how much it cuts your developers out of the equation - not in how much more code they write to get your business logic up and running.

“Tying my ability to bill customers to the whims of a credit card processor? No thank you. When it comes to subscription management 'free' comes at too high a cost.”
- Joshua Sharp | Founder, CompleteIRA

Steer clear of payment gateway lock-ins

What happens if you choose to scale out to a country that Stripe doesn’t support? What if an unfortunate series of chargebacks causes Stripe to pause your gateway support? With Chargebee, you can accept payments across multiple payment gateways, countries, or currencies, in just a few clicks (and seconds).

Chargebee grows with you

The journey from idea to IPO is about a continuous shift of complexities from acquiring and retaining subscribers to scaling your business and navigating multiple taxation, revenue recognition, and accounting practices. You need a deeper subscription engine like Chargebee that meets your ever-evolving edge-cases, while balancing security and performance.

Chargebee + Stripe Payments:
Make Profit, Not War!

We don’t just look up to Stripe Payments as a payment gateway, they’re a preferred partner to Chargebee too. But to manage your subscriptions and billing pains, you need a robust platform like Chargebee that’s built for that purpose - so you can scale and grow. Use Chargebee to manage your subscription lifecycle and recurring billing. Use Stripe Payments as your payment gateway. And benefit from the best of both worlds!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide a consultant for implementing Chargebee?
Yes! Implementing Chargebee is easy and you’ll have complete support through each stage of the process.
What is Chargebee’s pricing?
Glad you asked! You’d be even glad-er to know you don’t even have to ask. Chargebee has an open pricing model so you know exactly what you’d pay right away.
Our pricing model is based on the volume of revenue or transactions that you process through Chargebee. But if you have a unique business model, or process high value transactions where an invoice based pricing may be more amenable, let us know and we’d be glad to accommodate.
There’s no end to how flexible we’re willing to be to put you and your business first.
Will you help migrate my data from Stripe Billing?

Here’s what the migration process looks like. Apart from helping you through it, we’ve mapped out a process that won’t interfere with your customers’ subscription experience. They won’t even know you’ve made the switch.