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You’ve come to the right place. Thousands of businesses worldwide use Chargebee to deliver an exceptional subscription experience.

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To Zuora it’s still 2006

Zuora was built in 2006, and from the sound (and look) of it, they’ve stayed there. It’s still far from easy, cost-effective, or product driven. Luckily times have changed, even if Zuora hasn’t.

Meet Chargebee. It’s designed to be easy and flexible, so you can integrate it without rethinking your entire architecture. It’s powerful enough to solve every subscription use case you can think of. And it’s affordable, so you can make bank, not break it.

Do your team a favor—give today’s subscription experience a spin.

Complex problems don’t need complex solutions

Chargebee’s interface is intuitive and easy to use — even for the most complex use case. Take a look around and you’ll notice that setting up revenue recovery is as quick and as simple as generating an invoice.

Lasting relationships are built on trust

And trust is built on transparency. Everything from our pricing to our API docs are open, obvious, and easy to understand. We don’t do hidden costs, lock-ins, and operational curveballs. We’ve built a solution that we want you to enjoy using. Period.

What if software knew what you needed before you needed it?

From expanding into a new geography to onboarding a bigger team and anticipating customer requests better, Chargebee is built for teams that are growing and scaling. It brings the personal touch of small teams and the process efficiency of large ones together. So you can stay two steps ahead of your growth pains.

“We didn't have another choice, we never had to choose between Chargebee and another provider. Chargebee was the clear winner. There were other enterprise solutions which weren't consumer focussed and that was a strict no for us.”
- Fred Stutzman | Co Founder, Freedom

Chargebee is ever-evolving

At an average of three new features a month, Chargebee is forever improving. With customer expectations changing as the subscription market evolves, it’s integral you have a system that can handle left field subscription requests as effectively as everyday ones.

You need a partner, not a vendor

Confused by a request? Thrown by an edge case? You never know you need prorated promotional credits until the day you need to use them. We believe that a great subscription experience means never having to say no to customers. And you can rely on us to deliver. If it’s your problem, it’s ours.

Today’s businesses need more than subscription economy basics. Because today’s customers deserve subscription experiences that make an impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide a consultant for implementing Chargebee?
Yes! From the moment you sign up to the moment you start processing customers with Chargebee (and beyond), our product consultants will be available to answer any questions that you might have about how things work.
Apart from getting your team familiar with the product, Chargebee also provides an expedited onboarding program. As a part of the program, our onboarding team will assist with migrating your customer data to Chargebee.
Between our product and our onboarding team, we’ll make sure there are neither roadblocks nor bottlenecks to your delivering an exceptional subscription experience to customers.
What is Chargebee’s pricing?
Glad you asked! You’d be even glad-er to know you don’t even have to ask. Unlike Zuora, Chargebee has an open pricing model so you know exactly what you’d pay right away.
Our pricing model is based on the volume of revenue or transactions that you process through Chargebee. But if you have a unique business model, or process high value transactions where an invoice based pricing may be more amenable, let us know and we’d be glad to accommodate.
There’s no end to how flexible we’re willing to be to put you and your business first.
Will you help migrate my data from Zuora?
Thanks to our experience with a few other customers, we’ve been able to map your migration from Zuora down to a T!

Here’s what the migration process looks like. Apart from helping you through it, we’ve mapped out a process that won’t interfere with your customers’ subscription experience. They won’t even know you’ve made the switch.