Pay Now 

Pay Now allows you to initiate the request for instant payment for all unpaid invoices.

Presently, this feature works via email. You can send emails to your customers via Chargebee with the button/link for ‘Pay Now'. It redirects your customer to Chargebee's Pay Now page which has the list of invoices due for payment.

The emails can be sent to an individual or a segment of customers.


Once the Pay Now link is sent, it is only valid for 5 days. If you wish to extend this validity for your customers, please contact .

Request for Payment via Email 

As it's been mentioned already, your customers will receive email notifications from Chargebee which will enable them to pay for the unpaid invoices via the email almost instantly.

There are 2 ways of collecting payment from your customers via email notifications with the use of Pay Now:

1. Send email to multiple customers 

You can send an email notifications to all your customers who have unpaid invoices. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Search for Customers

After logging in to the Chargebee user interface, click Customers.

Use the filter ‘Has Unpaid Invoices' to narrow down customers who have unpaid invoices (status of the invoice will be either ‘Payment Due' or ‘Not Paid')


Step 2: Configure and Send Email

Click Email Customers to initiate the process of sending email to the filtered set of customers who have unpaid invoices.


2. Send Email to an Individual Customer 

To inform an individual customer to pay for their unpaid invoices, navigate to the customer details page and click Request Payment to send an email requesting payment.


The option Request Payment will appear in the Customer Details page only if the customer has unpaid invoices.

You can review the content before sending the email.

Accept Payments 

The link/button included in your customer's email will redirect them to Chargebee's ‘Pay Now' page.

In Chargebee's Pay Now page, your customer will find the list of unpaid invoices.

Your customers can either pay for all the invoices listed or select a few and make the payment.

They will be prompted to enter their payment details to make the payment right away.

For payments, your customers can either add a new payment method or continue with what they have saved already. If your customer is making the payment using a new method, they can choose to use the same method later.

Additionally, your customers can save a newly added payment method as Primary or Backup.

  • The option to save a new payment method as primary or backup is applicable only when the payment method is being saved by the end customer.
  • Also, it is only valid for the addition of a second or subsequent payment method, as the first payment method will always be saved as the primary method in the system.

3D Secure Payments 

When your customer selects the invoices to pay, they might be asked for a verification. This is possible if your business is based out of Europe or has a significant customer base in the EEA. In such cases the customer might have to go through a 3D Secure verification to complete the payment.

Add Pay Now in Emails 

Pay Now option can be added in the following emails which are sent by Chargebee:

  • Payment Failure Notification
  • Dunning
  • Invoice Receipt (If invoice is already paid, Pay Now button will not be available)
  • Net-D

If Email Notifications is enabled in your Chargebee site, a Pay Now button will appear in your customer's email. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications and here, Pay Now button can be added to the following email notifications:

  • Payments Terms (Net-D)
  • Dunning Management Profiles & Payment Failures
  • Invoice Receipt

Editing any of the above emails will give you the option to add the Pay Now button.


The button will be included in the copy of the email your customers receive.

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