Chargebee Subscriptions App for Shopify 

Chargebee Subscriptions App  for Shopify is built to provide you with an all-in-one subscription management platform to help you process the subscription needs of your e-commerce business. The Chargebee App helps you to offer various products or services of your Shopify store to your customers on a recurring basis.


If you want to launch and scale your subscription business on Shopify, then the Chargebee App will help you achieve that. This app enables you to sell the products of your Shopify store to your customers on a recurring basis. With this app, you can easily navigate to the features that help you create and manage various subscription plans for your products and service offerings. It allows you to configure and publish the subscription widget on your storefront that enables your customers to make a purchase and subscribe to a plan effortlessly. It provides you with the functionality to view and manage your customers' subscriptions, orders, and billing with ease.

If you're running a Shopify store or an e-commerce business on Shopify, then this app handles everything from creating and managing subscriptions for products and services to sending email notifications to your customers. It uses a no-code approach enabling merchants to quickly set up the Chargebee App in a few clicks.


If you are not using Shopify 2.0 theme or want to know about installing and setting up the app for your customized Shopify theme, Contact [email protected] for support.


Before you begin installing the Chargebee App in your Shopify store, make sure to inspect the Shopify subscription requirements . You must fulfil the requirement in order to create subscriptions in your Shopify store.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started 

Given below are the initial steps that you can follow to quickly get started with the Chargebee App.

  1. Installation Guide 
  2. Initialize Setup 
  3. Managing Subscriptions 
  4. Self-Serve Customer Portal 

Installing the Chargebee app 

The Chargebee App is built to support Shopify stores that have enabled a Shopify 2.0 theme and have not edited the theme. And, before you install this app, follow the prerequisites to understand the process involved in getting started with the subscription on your Shopify store.


Migration from other subscription apps is not provided at this time. Contact [email protected] to know more.

Learn more  for quick walkthrough on installing the Chargebee App in your Shopify store.

Setting up the Chargebee App 

After installing the Chargebee App in your Shopify store, follow the three-step onboarding process given on the app home page.

  1. Add Subscription Plans: A subscription plan consists of related products, shipping and billing frequencies, and any discounts you want to offer your customers. You must add at least one plan to get started with the app.
    Learn more .
  2. Add Subscription widget to your theme: Add the subscription widget to your theme that enables your customers to select and purchase the subscriptions from the product pages.
    Learn more .
  3. Configure email notifications: Add and verify email addresses from which you want to send emails to your customers. Learn more  about configuring subscription email notifications for your customers.

Learn more  about step-by-step process to quickly get started with the Chargebee App.

Managing Customer Subscriptions 

Defining a subscription plan for products in your Shopify store allows your customers to subscribe and purchase the product on a recurring basis. Using the Subscriptions tab in the app home page, you can view and manage your customers' subscriptions.

Learn more about managing your customers' subscriptions using Chargebee App .

Self-Serve Customer Portal 

The Chargebee App app provides a self-service subscription management portal for your customers. Using this portal your customers can view active subscriptions, next order date, cancel subscriptions, manage payment methods, and view their shipping or billing address.

Your customers get access to their subscription management portal in the following two ways:

  1. From the order confirmation page provided to a customer directly after the checkout, a link called 'Manage Subscriptions' is displayed on this page.
  2. From the subscription confirmation email sent to the customer after purchasing the subscription from your Shopify store. The email includes a link displayed to customers as the Manage Subscriptions to access the Self-Serve Customer Portal.

Activate this feature during the app setup  Step-2 displayed on the Chargebee App homepage.

Learn more about the Self-Serve Customer Portal in Chargebee App .


1. Can we install Chargebee:Subscriptions App on a new and/or existing Shopify store?

The Chargebee App can be installed in a new or existing Shopify store.

2. How do I migrate my subscription data from another Shopify subscription apps?

If you have another subscription app installed in your system, you can not migrate the subscription data from other subscription apps to the Chargebee App.

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