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ActiveCampaign is an email and marketing automation software used to send contextual messages and emails to create meaningful connection with your customers. Marketing automation is possible when you have ample data points about your customer. This will invariably help in segmenting your customers and targeting them better. More the data and parameters you have on ActiveCampaign about your customers, better the intelligence you can provide for automation.

Chargebee's integration with ActiveCampaign will sync your customer and subscription information to ActiveCampaign. This way, you can create specialized email automation workflows and engage with customers in a more personalized way.

Sync Overview 

This is a one way sync, and hence, data flows only from Chargebee to ActiveCampaign.

  • Sync is automatic and is done only once in every 6 hours. In case you want to manually sync data, turn off autosync.

  • Chargebee automatically creates additional fields required to synchronize data to ActiveCampaign, if they are not already present in your ActiveCampaign account.


  • You must have an ActiveCampaign account and Chargebee account.
  • Lists must be created in ActiveCampaign.



  1. Select ActiveCampaign from the list of third-party integrations available in your Chargebee user interface under Settings > Third-party Integrations .
  2. Copy the API Key and Base URL under Settings > Developer in your ActiveCampaign site, and paste it in the associated text fields provided in your Chargebee user interface. Click Connect.


Validation will check for two attributes in every Chargebee customer:

  • Subscription
  • Email ID

Errors if any will be displayed after validating the data. You can choose to Ignore errors or View error CSV and rectify them. Click Retry data validation if you want to validate again after rectifying the errors. You can click Proceed only after you choose to ignore the errors or address them.


  1. Select the List to which you need the Contacts saved.
  2. Set the course of action to happen when a customer is deleted in Chargebee.
  3. In case you want to sync customers who purchased a gift subscription for someone else, toggle the setting.
  4. Chargebee automatically maps 18 fields from your Chargebee user interface to ActiveCampaign. You can map more fields by toggling the Map more fields setting and selecting the fields you want to map.
  5. Click Proceed when you are done with the settings.


Initial run will sync 10 latest customers from your Chargebee site and display errors if any from the sync.

  1. Click Run Initial Sync.
  1. Errors if any will be displayed. You can click Retry Initial Sync after addressing the errors or go forward by Syncing all records. However, syncing all records without addressing the errors will carry the unaddressed errors along with the integration.
  2. Syncing all records will complete the integration and take you to ActiveCampaign's Integration page in Chargebee.

Email IDs are unique in ActiveCampaign and hence, the same email ID cannot be present for more than one account in ActiveCampaign.


You can find the entire errors listed under the Sync errors tab. Functions such as Disabling auto sync and Managing sync rules can be done from the ActiveCampaign Integration overview page.

You can also disconnect the integration using Unlink Integration option. Unlinking the integration will stop the sync from Chargebee side.

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