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Here's an overview of Chargebee's components to prep you:


A ‘Customer' contains all the essential information about your customer, such as basic contact details, billing information, payment information and so on. Most of the information is optional and you may choose to store the necessary information at your discretion and as per your needs.

In Chargebee, a Customer can be created without having to create a Subscription first, for collecting ad hoc invoices and charges. Each Customer record can have one or more Subscriptions associated with it. Learn more.


A ‘Subscription' is used for modeling the bundle of items subscribed to by a customer. It contains all the recurring items, applicable credits and a track of all ad-hoc charges to be included in subsequent billing cycles.

Each Subscription must be associated with a Plan to define the base cost and the billing frequency (e.g. monthly renewal, yearly renewal, etc). Details such as trial period, duration of the subscription are inherited from the Plan but can be overridden at the Subscription-level.
Any changes to the subscribed items, including billing date, and scheduled changes can be managed within the Subscription. When an invoice is generated for a subscription, the required information on the charges is picked from the subscription. Learn more.


A ‘Plan' defines the frequency of billing and amount to be charged for a product or service. Each Subscription is defined by the Plan associated with it, as the Plan contains information regarding the pricing, the billing cycle, the billing and trial periods of the product. Learn more.


To define a service or item that's being offered in addition to the plan, you can make use of an ‘Addon'.

These pre-defined components can be specified as one-time or recurring, and also flat fee or quantity based items. You can read more about Addons here.


Promotions and incentives play a key factor in driving customers toward a product and to boost sales. A ‘Coupon' defines the benefit being applied, and the period up to which it will be applied, on a Subscription. Learn more.


A quote is used to give an estimated cost for a product/service to a customer. A quote is created and sent to a customer who can then accept it and sign up for the product/service. Learn more


An ‘Invoice' is used as a record of the products/services purchased by a customer.
All information regarding the customer's purchase including details of purchased items and their value, credits, taxes, discounts, refunds, and additional charges are contained within an Invoice. Learn more.


An ‘Order' consists of all information required for order tracking within Chargebee, such as quantity ordered, quantity shipped, quantity in transit, and so on. Learn more.


All payment related events are tracked as ‘Transactions' in Chargebee. The transaction section provides you with a summary of all the transaction events that have happened in your account.
It gives you information such as the date, type, amount and status of the transaction. Learn more.

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