Chargebee Salesforce Integration 

Chargebee offers integration with Salesforce  and Salesforce CPQ . You can choose either of the integration to meet your business needs. However, the Chargebee for CPQ integration cannot operate concurrently with the Chargebee for Salesforce integration.

Here is a brief overview of what each of these integrations has to offer.

Chargebee for Salesforce integration 

The Chargebee for Salesforce integration provides a highly customizable integration with Salesforce . By maintaining a one-to-one relationship between Chargebee customer records and Salesforce accounts, the integration keeps both the systems up-to-date. Chargebee subscriptions can be directly created and managed from Salesforce.

Listed below are the key features of the Chargebee - Salesforce integration.

  • Important Chargebee operations that support a sales-driven workflow can be performed without leaving Salesforce.
  • Customer and subscription data is synced into Salesforce, aiding a direct-purchase model.
  • Flexible integration, configured entirely within Salesforce, with a host of customizations available to suit your business workflow.
  • Multiple Chargebee sites can be connected to a single Salesforce instance.
  • Chargebee's Metered Billing and Multi-decimal Pricing and Quantities are supported.
  • The sync health dashboard provides information about the sync status at a glance.
  • The ‘sync logs' feature provides record-level detail on the last run sync jobs, thereby creating a complete audit trail in Salesforce. The timely availability of this information coupled with root causes for failures, equips you to understand and resolve sync errors yourself.
  • Advanced field-mapping configuration between Salesforce and Chargebee.
  • Specifies record types for account/opportunities.

Chargebee for Salesforce CPQ integration 

Chargebee's integration with Salesforce Config, price, quote (CPQ) allows your sales team to utilize CPQ's enterprise-grade pricing solution and create Chargebee customers and subscriptions directly from Salesforce. By integrating your sales channel, your sales personnel can create subscription flows that leverage CPQ standard and custom objects for subscriptions and quotes, resulting in faster closure of deals.

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