Sending Manual Emails 

Chargebee allows you to create, and edit email notifications to suit your business requirements. These email notifications can be sent in bulk to all customers or to a filtered segment using the Chargebee app. To make things easier, each of the major sections in Chargebee such as the Customer, Subscription and the Invoice page will display the set of emails that can be manually triggered from that particular page. The custom emails that you create will also be listed under these pages accordingly. You can select the customers and send them in a single click.

The above video shows how to create manual emails using the Classic UI. If you are using the Leap UI, we request you to use the Email Customers option in the Customer Details Page.

  • You can have a maximum of 6 custom emails at a given time.

Adding notes in Emails 

Chargebee allows you to add customized notes for individual customers when you request them to add a payment method, send invoice, credit notes etc. Watch the below visualization to see how this is done.

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