Migrating Cards 

Migrating cards involve mapping card tokens from the new gateway to your customers in Chargebee.

Steps Involved 

1) Access your Chargebee app, click Settings > Import and Export data > Raise a migration request.

2) Review the table and choose applicable action based on your use case:

Use Case Currently Using Moving To Action Required
1. Stripe, Braintree, Adyen or Auth.Net Spreedly gateways Request your current gateway to move your customers' card details to the new gateway's vault.

If you have an existing process for transferring secure data (like an SFTP server), Spreedly can use this for data transfer. Send the SFTP credentials to Spreedly encrypted with Spreedly's key  for accessing the server.

If you have no process in place for secure transfer, contact Spreedly . They can help you set up their own SFTP server. You need to provide Spreedly your public key so they can create a new server and encrypt credentials for you.
2. Spreedly gateways Stripe, Braintree, Adyen or Auth.Net If you are using any of the Spreedly gateways and moving to Adyen, it is the same SFTP server way mentioned in Use case 2.

In case you want to move to the other direct integration gateways, we can take care of that using Spreedly APIs.
3. Spreedly gateways Spreedly gateways Our Migration engineers can take care of it using Spreedly APIs.

3) Finally, send us an export of the Reference IDs(card tokens) from the new gateway, in CSV or JSON format. Post import, we will map to the associated customers in Chargebee.


  • The changes done in your Live site are irreversible. Hence, ensure careful review of all data before Live site import.

  • While mapping the payment details to the imported subscriptions, any unpaid invoices other than current-term invoices will not be created.

  • You can move cards from PayPal Express Checkout to Braintree only.

Other Platforms 


  • PayPal Payflow Pro and PayPal Payments Pro are supported in Chargebee via Spreedly and migration of card information from one Spreedly gateway to another is as highlighted in Use Case 2.

  • PayPal Express Checkout requires a Billing Agreement ID to migrate the payment methods from PayPal to a third-party tool such as Chargebee.

  • The Billing Agreement ID must be shared at the time of migration.

  • Payment method of customers with I-series tokens that are generated using PayPal internal billing cannot be used or migrated over to Chargebee.


When you are migrating into Chargebee and bringing in either existing tokens from Ebanx or moving cards from a different gateway to Ebanx, make sure to pass and send the Document ID and the Billing Address along with the permanent token in Chargebee which is mandatorily needed in many markets in Latin America to process payments successfully. This needs to be sent as Additional Info. To learn more about the migration process, refer to a detailed document on Migrating Cards .

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