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Migrating Subscription Data to Chargebee 

To get started, submit a migration request here . Once we receive your request, we will reach out to you with additional questions and details of charges, if any. We will also share a Migration Checklist with you.

Here's a gist of the process:

  1. You should set up your Chargebee test site with the required product configuration (plans, addons, and coupons), email notifications, etc.

  2. Send a migration request to chargebee support.

  3. Chargebee support will get back to your with instructions on how to send your subscription data across to us so we can handle the migration for you: we'll help you draw up a CSV file with all your subscription data in it.

Remember, your CSV must contain the exact ids that correspond to your data in the Chargebee test site. In Chargebee, you will find the ids under Product Catalog > Plans as shown below:

  1. The Subscription data that you provide will be cleansed and reviewed by us and then by you. Once the data is ready, we will import all the subscriptions into your Chargebee test site for your verification.

  2. In parallel, you need to setup your live site and start signing up new Customers through Chargebee. This is to ensure that you completely tryout the signup flow and to check whether there are new additions to the migration data.

  3. After the you review the data give us the go-ahead, you should cancel all the Subscriptions in your existing billing system to ensure that the customers are not billed twice.

  4. We will then import the Subscriptions into your live site and Chargebee will take over the billing.


Migrations usually take 5 to 7 business days to complete. This depends primarily on the available migration slots, number of records, data cleansing required, and verification/review iterations.

Is there a chance of double billing? 

The migration process ensures that there will be no double billing. First, you will need to stop taking new sign ups through your existing billing platform. This task will be a part of the migration checklist that we will share with you; we cannot proceed with the migration unless this is done.

Next, before the import begins in Chargebee, all the subscriptions in your existing system should be canceled.

As an additional precaution, if there are any subscriptions that have been scheduled to renew on the day of migration, the renewal will be postponed by a few days (usually 2 or 3 days, based on your preference). This gives you sufficient time to review all the data in the live site and make changes if needed before renewals start happening in Chargebee. Say, the migration is scheduled for the 1st of June and a few subscriptions are also scheduled to renew on that date, and you'd like the renewals to be postponed by 2 days, the renewal will happen on the 3rd of June.

How will Chargebee use my past subscription data? 

  • Chargebee will use your past subscription data to record the trial period information of currently active subscriptions.

  • Chargebee will use your past invoice data to handle proration on any active subscriptions that are upgraded or downgraded before their renewal.

  • If you are unable to upload past invoices, Chargebee will use your subscription data to generate sample invoices for past payments. Once you verify that they are accurate, Chargebee will import and use them to handle proration on any active subscriptions.


Your reports from Chargebee will not change in any way after you have imported past subscription data.

Points to note

  • The time required for completing the migration depends largely on the format the data is provided in. The more complicated it is, the more time it takes. We ideally would prefer the data in the exact format given in the migration sheet.
  • You should set up all your plans, addons, coupons, and related configuration in your Chargebee site (both test and live).
  • We do not prefer data transfer happening via emails (as attachments). Google Sheets, Docs is a more preferred/secure way of sharing data.
  • Data manipulation/editing using discretion, even if it's considered a small change, should be done by you.
  • If payment details are also being imported, when mapping the payment details with the imported Subscribers, any unpaid invoices will not be collected and there will not be a payment method validation.
  • The changes done in your live site are irreversible. So you should carefully review all your data before it is imported.
  • Any changes to the data after it's been imported into the test site must be done in the migration sheet used to import the data and not directly to the data present in the test site.
  • The ‘next billing at' dates cannot be in the past. They should be a future date (a date newer than the date/time of migration).
  • It is not possible to edit the plans, addons and coupons in Chargebee once they have subscriptions associated with them.