Subscription Billing Platform - The
What, the Why and How to Choose

A comprehensive overview of subscription billing platform -
key features, core functionalities, advantages and more.

Manage quote-to-cash workflows

Conventional billing and operations just doesn’t cut it for subscription based businesses. A Subscription based business is a completely new breed which requires its own set of metrics, management, billing and more.

Onboarding a subscription billing platform is key for any subscription business. So, how do you do it? What should you know before getting one? Let’s discuss all in detail.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the key questions answered for you,

What is Subscription Billing Platform?

Subscription billing software lets you collect recurring payments from customers, manage subscriptions, and send automated invoices to customers. To put it simply, a Subscription Billing platform sits between your products or services and the payment gateway and lets you bill and invoice your customers the way you want in a periodic fashion.

Why should you use a Subscription Billing Platform?

Handle subscriptions with ease!

Serving customers in a subscription business can be tricky. With upgrades, cancellations, add-ons - keeping track and acting upon all these changes becomes challenging to say the least. A subscription management platform serves your customers’ ever evolving preferences at a flick of a button.

Price like a pro!

Are you overpriced or underpriced? You’ll never know your product’s worth without experimenting with pricing. Test multiple pricing options by adding, removing, bundling and grandfathering plans. Arrive at your ideal pricing sooner with a data-driven approach.

Data at your fingertips

Get intelligent dashboards with critical subscription KPIs for executive, sales, finance and marketing functions. Make use of valuable insights derived from metrics to make your data-driven decisions.

Increase Customer Retention

With inbuilt capabilities like coupon management, prorated billing, variable billing cycles, multiple payment methods - customer experience is baked even in your billing process.

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What are some traits of an ideal Subscription Billing Platform?

Best of Both Worlds

From providing a simple and seamless payment experience for customers to handling complex tax calculations, prorations, varying billing cycles and more, an ideal subscription billing platform should walk the fine line of balancing both complexity and simplicity.

Should cater to David and Goliath

A subscription billing platform is an integral part of your revenue workflow. As you grow, change in processes and tools are inevitable. So, the ideal recurring billing software should be flexible and strong enough to support your needs for today, tomorrow and until the end of time…

The Silent Guardian you need & deserve…

New compliances like PSD2 / SCA pop up every other year, the best recurring billing solution easily adapts to this ever-changing land of compliances. Being SOC-1, SOC-2 and PCI compliant is the least any recurring billing software must possess to ensure your data security.

Essential features to look for in a Subscription Billing Platform

Custom Billing Logic

Custom Billing Logic

Bill yearly, monthly or for any period — even days. Charge your customers based on usage, if your pricing strategy asks for it. Choose to renew billing cycles based on the date customers signed up on, or bill all customers on a specific date.

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Robust Accounting and Invoicing System

Robust Accounting and Invoicing System

Level up your invoicing with advance invoicing capabilities such as consolidated invoicing, advance invoicing, credit notes to manage refunds, with an inbuilt global tax management module.

As for accounting, a subscription billing platform should be capable of integrating with popular accounting software, and keep your records in sync between multiple systems. This helps your finance team to generate reports more accurately and quickly without losing any precious data to manual errors.

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Subscription Management Platform

Subscription Management Platform

Manage trials, assign credits, issue refunds, make mid-subscription changes, and allowance for unscheduled billing. Get a unified view of all subscription and customer data in one place and engage with more context. Roll out new subscription plans rapidly with flexible billing frequencies

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Diversify and maximize payment collection

Diversify and maximize payment collection

Processing your payments through just one payment gateway is literally setting up yourself for failure. You are potentially losing revenue from soft errors, customers who prefer different payment methods and more. Don’t let your customers think twice at checkout. Give them every option possible from Credit Cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Direct Debit to Offline Payments like cheques. On an average, a customer should have at least 4 different payment options.

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Why Chargebee?


Being PCI, SOC-1, SOC-2, ISO compliant, Chargebee provides state-of-the-art security for your transactions.

24 x 7 Customer Support

Our customers should do what they do best and not worry about their billing. With our 24x7 customer support - we make sure that none of our customers feel stranded.

Leader of the Pack

There’s no review that’s more authentic than the one that comes from your users. According to G2, users rate Chargebee as the #1 solution for recurring billing (for 5th time in a row)

All-in-One Subscription Revenue Operations Suite

From lead to ledger - Chargebee’s feature set spans much wider than just Subscription Billing. You also get dedicated subscription management system, revenue recognition engine and revenue operations suite literally for the same price bundled together.

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Have more questions about Subscription Billing Platform?

Do I need Recurring Billing enabled on my payment gateway account?
No. You do not need the recurring billing module separately from your payment gateway. For example, offers an ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) that helps solve specific use cases for merchants who need recurring billing. However, when you use Chargebee solution, you do not need this. Just a standard account is enough.
Can I accept payments from multiple currencies?
Yes. Most subscription billing platforms like Chargebee have multi-currency pricing available and their feature capability will be based on the plan you’re on.
Can I use my existing merchant account & payment gateway with a subscription billing platform?
Yes, you can. In fact you will need a merchant account & payment gateway to be configured to process payments on your behalf.