Subscription Billing Platform -
What, Why and How to choose

Subscription billing software let you collect recurring payments from customers, manage subscriptions, and reconcile accounts automatically. Chargebee goes a step further by enabling your sales, finance, marketing, product and engineering teams with deep business analytics, configurable billing logic and out-of-the-box API integrations.

What is a subscription
billing platform?

Subscription billing platforms are software that sit between your products or services and your payment gateway that let you bill and invoice your customers periodically.

Basic capabilities that a Subscription Billing Software must provide include:

Billing logic
Price calculation for purchases made, taking into account proration, grandfathering, etc and requesting a payment.
Subscription Management
Managing trials, assigning credits, issuing refunds, making mid-subscription changes, and allowance for unscheduled billing.
Accounting & Invoicing
Customizable invoices, advance invoicing, credit note management, account reconciliation and global tax support.
Security & Compliance
PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance, Two factor authentication and user roles with multiple access controls.
Multiple Payment Options
Credit Cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Direct Debit and Offline Payments like cheques and bank transfers.
Developer & Business Friendly
Easy to use APIs and webhooks supported by rich user interfaces, one-touch configurability and business dashboards.

Get your subscription billing platforms today

Subscriptions are deep. Your Subscription Billing Software must go deeper.

Chargebee lets you bill, discount and manage every one of your subscription customers like they are your number one!

  • Test multiple pricing options by adding, removing, bundling and grandfathering plans.
  • Support one-time, recurring and/or usage-based charges within a single plan.
  • Extend trial periods for those awesome customers who just aren't ready yet.
  • Send rich, professional invoices with your branding.
  • Get intelligent dashboards with critical subscription KPIs for executive, sales, finance and marketing functions.
  • Automatically manage and reconcile books in your favorite accounting software.

Go live in minutes
Get your Subscription Billing Software running

Now that you know the what and why of a Subscription Billing Platform, it's time we jumped into the "how":

  • 1
    Sign up for Chargebee

    It all starts with signing up and diving into your Subscription Management platform.

  • 2
    Configure your sandbox

    Setup your billing rules, plans, payment methods and more within the safety of your very own test site.

  • 3
    Choose Checkout Options

    Dive into code with a complete API integration, or accelerate your time to market with customizable hosted checkout pages. Or go with a combination of the two...

  • 4
    Enter the Basics

    Add your business address to enable global and local taxes. Update site information and reporting currency.

  • 5
    Customize to Wow!

    Bring your brand and flair into your invoices and transactional email templates. Or stick to tested ground with out-of-the-box defaults.

  • 6
    Pick one or more Payment Gateways

    Pick a payment gateway for your location with our free comparison tool (Psst.: Have multiple payment gateways ready so your subscription business is never held hostage by any one!).

  • 7
    Flick and go live

    When you're ready, flick a switch to transfer your setup from your sandbox to your new Live Site!

  • 8
    Celebrate with a mojito!

    Or grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the monthly recurring revenue on your subscription business grow!

With Chargebee, you get more than just a subscription billing platform - you get a partner who is invested in your growth. As your business and customer base grows, so do your billing requirements, reporting needs, accounting practices and customizations.

We get that, and we're ready when you are. But more important - as you grow, so do your pricing expectations from the tools you use everyday... Luckily, at Chargebee, we use Chargebee for that!

The simplest subscription management software for your business. Your first USD 50K is on us.

If you've been looking for a subscription billing software to collect recurring payments, process invoices, enable sales, reconcile accounts and scale with your business, Chargebee is built for you!

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