Product Updates
What’s New in Chargebee
Introducing innovations that help you streamline hybrid sales, reduce voluntary churn, and scale subscriptions across the globe.
Offer seamless onboarding for self-serve customers. Automate renewals and shorten sales cycles for multi-year deals.

Full page checkout

Boost self-serve sales with enhanced one-page checkout experience

Reduce drop-offs and abandoned carts with a smooth one-step checkout experience while having full control over the information you collect. Offer customers a secure journey across devices.

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Improve quote-to-cash efficiency for multi-year deals with subscription ramps

Win high ACV customers with multi-year contracts that offer

  • Upfront discounts for a specified time period which gradually ramps down until the services are fully delivered.
  • Custom packages with ramps for changes in price, plans, addons, coupons, and charges to take effect at a later date.

Empower your sales teams to do all the above at the time of deal closure, right within Salesforce. Make it easy for your Finance teams to manage all ramps on Chargebee.

Close deals with scheduled changes and ramps for price, plans, add-ons, discounts, and more from Salesforce
Delete or add new ramps to existing subscriptions anytime and bill mid-cycle changes accurately
Monetize on upsell opportunities with scheduled seasonal discounts
Retain customers better with personalized brand-specific cancel experiences

Multi-brand support

Increase CLTV with brand-specific cancel experiences

Craft cancellation experiences at the brand level to retain customers like never before. With distinctive targeting rules for each brand, gain actionable insights to improve retention strategies by comparing offer performance, cancel experience, and more.


Maximize Subscriber Value with

Multi-Action Offers

Create irresistible offers to captivate your customers and extend their retention effortlessly. Introduce offers with multiple actions, such as combining discounts with plan changes during cancellations, ensuring optimal retention strategies.


Enhance Retention with

Personalized Offer Journeys

Present offers tailored to each customer's previous engagement insights, ensuring a more personalized journey. Safeguard against offer abuse by preventing subscribers from accepting offers multiple times, guaranteeing a sustainable approach to retention.

Compliance Management
Scale confidently by ensuring compliance with local invoicing and taxation laws

Invoice Template Builder

Create custom and compliant invoice templates without dev dependency

Customize the invoice layout and the contents of each section from scratch, and add conditional statements to them with zero line of code. Make your invoices reflect the look and feel of your global or multi-brand business by customizing brand logo, colors, font types, and more.


Price Type Configuration

for Taxes

Avoid errors in tax accounting by configuring catalog price types as inclusive or exclusive of taxes and passing the same onto Accounting tools like Netsuite and Xero.


Streamline Revenue Recognition


Guarantee accurate price allocation with our new SSP rule and pro rata recognition for usage-based products. Ensure timely revenue recognition, even across open accounting periods. Seamlessly integrate with Apple AppStore and Google Play for mobile subscription revenue.

Coming Soon

Support for QR Bills

in Switzerland

Comply with invoicing laws in Switzerland by issuing QR Bills for offline payments instead of the traditional orange and red slips.


Expand into new markets confidently with local payments

Latin America

  • Integrations with EBANX and dLocal Payment Gateways Expand your subscription business into LATAM countries without the hassle of establishing a local entity by integrating with EBANX and dLocal payment gateways.

Boleto via Stripe Increase market coverage in Brazil by accepting Boleto via Stripe, the country’s popular cash/voucher-based payment method. Whether your customers pay at ATMs, convenience stores, or online, Chargebee consolidates all the payment records and automates reconciliation.


BACS via Adyen Collect payments from your customers in the UK via BACS, the country’s most popular method of making electronic payments.

North America

Integration with Boost authorization rates, minimize fraud, and effortlessly accept card payments in the US with the integration.

Automated bank transfer via Stripe Managing offline payments just got a whole lot easier. You can now process and reconcile payments easily by issuing a virtual bank account on Stripe to your customers.

Venmo and ACH via Braintree Boost conversions for your eCommerce business by offering Venmo as a payment method in US. Increase market coverage by offering ACH.

ACH and PayPal via Adyen Accept ACH and PayPal payments through the Chargebee - Adyen integration in addition to cards.