Payment gateway integration options for start-ups in Malaysia

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Payment Gateway Integration - Malaysia

Update: We’ve come up with an interactive and comprehensive tool to compare and evaluate the payment gateway providers in Malaysia.

One of the toughest challenges that any start-up that needs to accept payments online faces is getting a merchant account. For most start-ups, the cost of acquiring a merchant account is simply above their reach. Malaysian start-ups have an even tougher time given the limited number of gateways that allow merchants in the country to receive credit card payments. In this article, we look at local and international getaways that Malaysian start-ups can use to process online payments.

The eCommerce space in Malaysia is rapidly expanding as more companies set up shops online. In the past, businesses looking to process recurring and other types of online payments found it difficult due to restrictions put by most international gateways on merchants from Asia. In light of increased eCommerce activity in the country, a number of local payment gateways have sprung up that allow merchants to receive credit cards online. However, the few payment gateways available means merchants have limited choices on providers to work with.

Below are the major payment gateways that allow Malaysian merchants to accept credit cards online.


E-commerce in Asia could very well get a boost soon as payment processor Braintree has just launched in Malaysia entered the Malaysian market and is expected to make it easy for SaaS and Subscription Commerce businesses based out of Malaysia.

The main features of the payment gateway include:

  • International gateway available and acclaimed in over 40 countries
  • Flat fee starting at 3.40% + 2.00 MYR per transaction, check more on Braintree’s pricing at its website
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Braintree is a Level 1 DSS PCI Compliance provider
  • Supports Data Portability
  • Customer friendly
  • A PayPal owned company

With Braintree’s reputation worldwide, it will definitely make an impact in the Malaysian market.

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Australian e-commerce merchant, eWAY, has expanded its global business into Malaysia. Since launching, the company has claimed to have processed more than 110 million transactions worth $15 billion for more than 16,000 active businesses both large and small.

The main features of the payment gateway include:

  • Flat fee starting at 3.9% + 40c
  • No Setup fees
  • Merchant Account included
  • Speedy setup in 4 days or less
  • eWAY is tier-one PCI DSS compliant

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Below is a list of other prominent payment gateways present in Malaysia:


iPay88 is one of the leading Malaysian payment gateways that allow small businesses and corporations to accept credit cards online. The gateway processes all major credit cards and merchants can transfer their funds to local bank accounts.

iPay88 is PCI compliant, has a fraud prevention scheme and merchants do not need to install additional software or hardware to use the gateway. The provider offers two subscription plans; SME Plan and SOHO Plan and allows customers to pay in MYR.

The main features of the payment gateway include:

  • Initial set up fee of RM 488
  • SME Plan costs RM500 per year while SOHO Plan is Free
  • 3% transaction fees for SME Plan and 4% transaction fees for SOHO Plan
  • Payment hold period of 5 working days
  • Withdrawals are processed immediately
  • Minimum withdrawal of RM100
  • Zero withdrawal fees

Apart from Visa and MasterCard, iPay88 supports Mobile Money, PosPay and major payments from Malaysian banks.

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Formerly known as NBepay, MOL pay is one of the earliest Malaysian online payment gateways. The company behind MOLpay is NetBuilder and started as a web design and hosting company before delving into e-commerce.

With MOLpay, companies can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Apart from these, merchants can also accept payments from Malaysian banks and from other options such as CIMB Clicks, Alliance Online, AliPay, RHB, and Union Pay.

The main features of MOLpay include:

  • RM499 (Lite) and RM899 (Premium) set up fees
  • One stop e-commerce solution (online payment, online shop and e-catalog)
  • No merchant account required
  • 3% + RM1.50 transaction fees for MOLpay Standard
  • Merchant account application approved within 2 business days
  • No integration fees
  • Payouts made once a week
  • Supports all the major open source carts

Apart from offering international online payments, MOLpay offers domestic e-payment solution, mobile payment solution, physical payment solution and supports multi-currency.

MasterCard Internet Gateway Service – MiGS

MiGS is a service provided by MasterCard that enables Malaysian merchants to accept credit cards online.

The major features of MiGS include:

  • Accept all major credit and debit cards
  • More than 145 currencies accepted including Malaysian Ringgit
  • 3-D secure cardholder authentication
  • Full branding as your own service
  • Compliance with PCI DSS

Although it is an international service, merchants in Malaysia can use MiGS to get their business up and running in no time.

Payment Express

Payment Express is a Visa and MasterCard certified solution, developed by DPS. The company is headquartered in Auckland, NewZealand. Connectivity in Malaysia is provided through an alliance between First Data and Standard Chartered Bank.

The major features of Payment Express include:

  • Hosted and Merchant Hosted plans
  • Processes Payments in real-time
  • 3D secure and CVV2 Verification supported
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Integrates with leading shopping card providers
  • You can use Payline, service provided by them to process manual payments, refunds and generate reports
  • Supports Recurring Billing
  • Batch Processing supported
  • Provides IVR-Telepay option
  • Starts at a monthly fee (US dollar transactions) of $50 and an overage fee of $.50. This includes 100 transactions. There is a $150 set up fee.

Payment Express is an excellent option for merchants who are setting up their business online.


WorldPay is a US payment processor that also allows Malaysian merchants to receive credit card payments online.

The major features of WorldPay include:

  • No setup fees
  • Annual fees of USD140 for the first year and USD280 for subsequent years
  • 3.95% + USD0.10 transaction fees
  • Supports multi-currency including MYR
  • Transfer of funds to local banks
  • Payment hold period of 4 weeks
  • 5-7 days withdrawal processing
  • Minimum withdrawal of USD 180
  • USD 18 withdrawal fee

With WorldPay, Malaysian merchants can accept credit and debit cards, set up subscription payments, make bank transfers and bill payments in the currency and language their customers prefer. Malaysian merchants can receive payments in different currencies and have the money deposited in their local banks.

Do you know of any other payment options in Malaysia? Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts and views.

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