Supercharge your Stripe Subscriptions

Use Stripe, our preferred payments partner,
to accept payments via credit cards and ACH, easily.
Here’s why 2000+ fast growing companies like use Chargebee’s built-in integration with Stripe Payments.
“Easy integration. Enhanced reporting capabilities. Excellent customer support - this is huge considering how deficient many players in the space are when it comes to actually servicing the client post integration.”
Inspire your customers' trust

We help you pack your invoice with all the nitty-gritties. Handle every complexity with ease.

  • Generate VAT invoices
  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Void/write-off invoices
  • Record partial/excess payments
  • Create credit notes for invoices, with no complications whatsoever
  • Export, download or access invoices via API
Send beautiful and accurate invoices
Rescue lost revenue

With Chargebee's flexible retry logic and Stripe's automatic card update feature, involuntary churn is a thing of the past

  • Configure retry attempts for card payments, ACH, SEPA, Amazon Payments, and more
  • Set up automatic reminders for payments receivable by cash/check
  • Automate requests for new payment information, before your customer’s card expires
Save money with Chargebee's Smart Retry logic
Keep your accountants happy

Bid goodbye to manual tax and accounting work with Chargebee's comprehensive tax and accounting suite

  • Support for EU VAT requirements, AU GST & NZ GST.
  • Avalara Integration for calculating precise US & Canadian taxes.
  • Sync invoices, payments, credit notes, refunds seamlessly to Xero & Quickbooks.
Stay compliant with taxes
Automate the mundane

Keep your customers in the loop for almost every event under the subscription sun, with

  • Pre-designed email templates
  • MergeVar support for complete customization
  • TEXT & HTML templates for each event
  • SMTP support (Sendgrid/Mailgun/Gmail)
Send smarter transaction emails
Stay on top of your numbers

Analytics begets insights begets growth. MRR, CMRR, Churn Rate, Signups, Activations, Refunds - you name it; track all of your core SaaS metrics in real-time, right on your dashboard. Want to dig deeper? An exhaustive actionable manual report on the above metrics as well as on ARPU, LTV, Cohorts and more, can be drop-shipped straight to your inbox.

Access SaaS Metrics that matter
Tailor amazing billing experiences
Like Stripe’s API? You’ll love Chargebee! 
Intelligent RESTful APIs that change with your users' signup data. And you get to pick your favorite language.
“...the biggest thing we loved is the API, it was SO EASY to integrate with Chargebee, we love it”
Experiment effortlessly

Comprehensive options that you can use to concoct the perfect plans and discounts? Check.

  • Coupons, discounts, trial extensions, reactivations, upgrades & downgrades
  • Billing changes, grandfathering prices
  • Generate coupon codes in bulk, within minutes
Manage discounts effortlessly
All of Stripe's features
and more!

With all of Stripe's functionalities and Chargebee's off-the-box features, get the best of both worlds

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You can ask me anything about subscription billing, payment gateways, and the poetry of snooker balls.
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“….They’re like a team of Gandalfs.”

Convinced yet?

Migrate to Chargebee in no time. Hit the ground running.Oh, and did we tell you Chargebee is free till you hit your first $50K in revenue?


  • I am already using Stripe. What's the next step?

    Just help us with the data export and we'll take it from there. Here's a quick overview of the 4-step migration process:

    1. 1. Setup a new customer on-boarding process
    2. 2. Import customer data and map Stripe tokens
    3. 3. Switch billing
    4. 4. Sit back and enjoy the ride

    P.S. You don't have to nudge your customers for any information whatsoever.

  • Great! So how long does it take?

    About 2-5 days (depending on your use cases) to set up the billing system, and around 5-8 days of turnaround time to complete the import process.

  • What about the migration? Is there any cost involved?

    Nope. Migrations are free.

  • Don't finish yet! I've more questions!

    Drop a note to and we'll get back with answers.