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Why use PayPal with Chargebee for accepting recurring payments ?

With the ubiquity of online payments, more than 200 million global users leverage PayPal to accept online payments.
Paypal with Chargebee

Holding over 35% of the global payment volume, PayPal seconds as a favorite payment method. Gain real value that offers a solution that scales with you with Chargebee. Equip users with more freedom of choice, where they can pay with their PayPal, debit or credit card, or bank account.

Accepting Recurring Payments from PayPal

PayPal makes sure you get paid instantly while ensuring the payment experience works with every customer, every time.

See how Chargebee handles your recurring payments

PayPal Express Checkout

Broader Customer Base: Card payments aren’t always favored. With PayPal, reach out to users across 200+ global markets. Setting this as an added payment method on your checkout page translates to access to over 200 million global users.

Buyer Protection with Billing Agreement Feature: Get your customers to pre-authorize your business for their recurring payments with a Billing Agreement. With PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) feature, get instantly notified of transaction events in Chargebee.

Transparent pricing: No setup, termination or monthly fees. Not only that, PayPal charges a fixed fee for standard transactions based on the currency and if it’s received from the US or outside the US.

PayPal via Braintree

Accept payments via Braintree: No merchant account or reference transactions? We have PayPal via Braintree. With a Braintree account which acts as your merchant account, you don’t need to enable reference transactions.

Consolidated transaction details: Your Braintree account reflects billing agreements and payment details initiated on PayPal along with Braintree’s card payment details.

Note: Chargebee supports One Touch and PayPal Credit, only for PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal via Braintree.

Chargebee makes gathering recurring payments automatic, and does that well. They have been ready for EU-VAT changes since day one minimizing trouble and correcting VAT percentages used for each country automatically.
Antti Virolainen
Co Founder | Sharetribe

Card payments with PayPal

Don’t let lack of payment options limit your global outreach. With PayPal, reduce cart abandonment by supporting online card payments on your website.

PayPal Payflow Pro

Multi-payment methods: Process debit and credit cards with PayPal.

Customized checkout experience: Tailor unique checkout pages right from language preferences to PCI compliance using Chargebee’s API with PayPal integration.

Easy Integration: Payflow Pro is pre-integrated with many leading shopping carts like Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, etc.

Available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

PayPal Payments Pro

Change payment processors: Flexibility to change payment processors without having to realign the technical integration.

Maximized Usability: Use PayPal’s Internet Merchant Account with any payment processors to process credit card transactions.

Available in the US, UK, and Canada.

Scale Globally with Chargebee


Currencies supported by Chargebee


Currencies supported by Paypal

Manage multiple languages, global tax profiles and multiple payment gateways and methods.
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Scale globally with Chargebee

Expand your Acquisition Avenues

With Chargebee for your business, customer acquisition is made easier with a smooth checkout experience. Experiment with trials and pricing, run coupon campaigns and convert leads to customers in no time.

Simplify Compliance and Automate Tax Calculations

Changing compliance regulations including GDPR and PCI compliance - Chargebee’s checkout nails all of this. AU GST, EU VAT, US Sales Tax, and everything in between - global tax rules are handled with ease.

Solve recurring billing complexities

Intricate billing complexities begin to seep in as you grow. With Chargebee's deep billing engine, customized invoices and credit notes, GAAP-compliant revenue recognition and accounting integrations, shoot the complexities in the eye.

Retain Customers and Recover Revenue

Involuntary churn and revenue loss are inexcusable. With our smart dunning capabilities, the ability to pay pending invoices in one click, multiple payment preferences, self-serve portal and more, Chargebee helps retain what you value the most.

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