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Update: We’ve come up with an interactive and comprehensive tool to compare and evaluate the payment gateway providers in Sweden.

Sweden has an enabling entrepreneurial environment and it is no wonder that many successful tech companies have emerged from this European hub. With the vibrant business landscape in the country, what options for accepting payments do emerging startups have?

Some of the successful tech companies that have their origins in Sweden include Skype, Spotify, Pingdom, SoundCloud, and Kazaa. When it comes to accepting online payments, Swedish startups mostly rely on payment processors from other countries. Let’s look at some of the top payment gateways for startups in the country.


Quickpay enables businesses to accept payments from all the common credit and debit cards, as well as other payment methods including Sofort Banking and PayPal. The gateway is easy to integrate on your website, supports multi-currency, and has a host of other features that will make it easy for you to do business online.

Fees: Quickpay has no setup fee. The monthly fee is €25 for up to 500 transactions. For over 500 transactions, the transaction fees range from €0.0067 to €0.015. Check the website for comprehensive pricing information.


WireCard is one of the popular international payment gateways in Sweden. The company offers its clients different electronic payment services and customized solutions. WireCard allows businesses to accept payments from all the major credit cards and also offers other service payments such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), iDEAL, Giropay, PayPal payments, mobile payment and others.

Fees: WireCard’s monthly fee is €9.90. Check the pricing schedule for a complete list of all the fees applicable.


Braintree Payments recently rolled out its operations to Europe, Australia, and Canada and is a good option for startups in Sweden. Braintree makes it easy for businesses to accept payment online without the need for a merchant account or PCI compliance. Companies can accept payments in Swedish Kroner and over 130 currencies.

Fees: Braintree works with multiple banks in different countries, and the fees charged by the banks vary. Contact Braintree’s Europe team at 00.800.4005.4400 for pricing information.


WorldPay is payment gateway that is most popular in the UK but also serves most of Europe. The company offers merchant service for small businesses and corporations, enabling them to accept credit card payment online, recurring billing and mobile payments. The company has a Business Gateways Plus package, an all-in-one package for online payment collection. With the package, you require an internet merchant account to be able to accept credit cards and other popular payments.

Fees: WorldPay charges merchants based on their risk, volume, and other factors. Contact the company on +44 (0)1268 500 615 for pricing information.

DIBS Payments

DIBS Payments is a Swedish company and has been offering online payments since 2005. The company is PCI compliant and enables a business to accept more than 40 types of payments. All major credit and debit cards are supported and users can set up recurring billing, split billing, offer vouchers, get paid directly on Facebook, accept PayPal and mobile payments, among others.

Fees: Contact DIBS Payments for pricing information.


For businesses that process a low amount of transactions, Nochex Payment has excellent rates. The company approves merchant accounts in two days and has no monthly, annual, management, fraud protection, settlement or reporting fees. A Nochex merchant account is easy to integrate and has the standard features offered by many merchant accounts providers.

Fees: There is a one-time setup fee of £50 and rates start from 2.9% + 20p per transaction. The more you process, the lower your fees get.

Other payment options that startups in Sweden can use include 2Checkout, PayPal, Skrill, and others.

There are plenty of options available and you need to select the one which will suit your business needs. Check fees, merchant account agreement, support, and reputation of the company.

Which payment gateways do you recommend for Sweden start-ups or businesses that wish to accept credit card payments? Share your thoughts below.

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