When RightNow Media, the leading provider of faith-based videos, decided to spread its wings and venture into international territories, little did they know that their homegrown billing system would become one of their biggest hurdles. Managing a subscription-based model is challenging enough, but scaling it across borders requires next-level navigation.

The global expansion roadblock

RightNow Media arrived at a pivotal moment in its business journey. With a vision to impact lives worldwide, the internal subscription management and billing platform faced a hurdle – it couldn’t scale for the global arena. Ellen Towery, the VP of Finance and Operations, shed light on the issue with remarkable clarity. She pointed out that while the system excelled with domestic customers, international expansion plans revealed inflexibility. Challenges included managing various currencies, payment gateways, and language barriers.

The solution – a modern, integrated subscription platform 

The key to unlocking success resided in Chargebee’s extensive functionalities as an all-encompassing subscription management and revenue growth platform. Chargebee emerged as the linchpin for RightNow Media’s bold global strategies, offering a flexible system that catered to region-specific entities and personalized customer interactions.

The powerful combination of Chargebee and Salesforce proved to be a game-changer. It ensured that data synchronization between the CRM and the billing system was as smooth as butter, allowing for precise reporting and operational efficiency. Chargebee’s arsenal of over 30+ payment gateways meant that RightNow Media could finally offer the flexibility its international audience deserved.

Outcome: A business transformed

The results were transformative. RightNow Media’s team could redirect their energy from juggling billing issues to enhancing the product—a monumental shift in focus bound to reap dividends. Towery’s optimism speaks volumes about the expected growth, envisioning “expanding internationally to as many countries as possible.”

The benefits extended beyond resource allocation. The overall cost savings in terms of time and manual effort ensured that RightNow Media could scale operations effortlessly, enabling a keen focus on what matters—customer satisfaction and exponential business growth.

Navigating subscription growth with strategic partnerships

If you’re a B2B or B2C subscription business looking to cross the seas into international markets, RightNow Media’s success story could be the blueprint you need. It showcases the invaluable impact that strategic partnerships can have on a business’s ability to scale and thrive.

To learn more about RightNow Media’s inspiring international expansion and the pivotal role of Chargebee in facilitating this transition, read the case study and watch the video.

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