Shipping Labels

Shipping or mailing address is used for a lot of different purposes. It is useful for companies that ship out physical goods to customers or just to send out season’s greetings or even printed invoices. Whatever your reason may be, you need the correct shipping address and a good label to get it done right.

What you need are blank labels and a good printer. Oh, almost forgot, you need the shipping address as well. The address should be in a format that matches your labels (size, number of labels per row and column, etc…).

Now let’s see how one of our subscription customers manages their physical goods delivery system. The customer has a gorgeous looking HTML website, but without a back-end application to collect and manage the shipping addresses. So how do they manage to take orders and track shipping addresses when orders come in with just a HTML website? And how does ChargeBee help?

The business redirects their customers to ChargeBee’s hosted payment page to submit their credit card and necessary subscription details on a secure page. By enabling the shipping address field to be displayed on their hosted payment pages, they’re able to collect and manage the shipping addresses. ChargeBee has these tools to collect and store the shipping addresses during sign-up.

Once the shipping address is stored in the subscription, they could just search for customers who’ve ordered their products based on a certain product type or order date, customize the labels using CSS, **specify the no. of rows and columns needed, download and print the labels, **and finally ship the package.

This feature has helped them become more efficient in getting everything done in the fastest and easiest way possible because they have a **set of tools already built into their billing system **and they never need any sort of IT help to get all this done.

Here are some best practices that could help you if you are in the physical goods delivery business:

  1. Align billing dates of customers if you deliver in batches on specific days. Even though customers’ signup dates are different, you can still align them.
  2. Assure customers upfront that they can change their shipping address at anytime.
  3. Assure them that they can also** skip shipping** for a particular month and not be billed for it.
  4. Promote gifting of subscriptions. This can be a very good way of advertising and increasing sales especially if your product is in the right category that your customers can use as a gift.

To know more about ChargeBee’s shipping address feature and on how to customize and print labels, checkout on the link below: