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| Last Updated: August 04, 2015 |

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We are happy to announce that ChargeBee now provides integration with MailChimp (a premier email newsletter service).

“MailChimp”  - A  goofy name

I have always wondered about the name Mailchimp. Did some searching:

The email product they had built was going to be called “wee mailer,” because it was small and fun, but they decided on the name MailChimp, Chestnut says, because they told customers, “You’ve got a business to run; don’t code stuff that you could hire a monkey to do.

Source:Creative Cultures: MailChimp Grants Employees “Permission To Be Creative” - Fast Company

And  they do send a lot of mails (perhaps gorilla would be more apt name now)

We sent 3 billion emails last month, and that’s way cool! There was a time (and I’m talking about last year) when the idea of sending a billion emails a month blew my mind. Now I take it for granted that MailChimp can handle whatever we throw at it.

Source: http://blog.mailchimp.com/three-billion-emails

Why MailChimp?

Even though ChargeBee supports sending mails to your subscribers, we are focused on transactional mails like trial reminders,invoices et al.

Mailchimp is a better fit for drip marketing (like news letters), general product announcements.

Targeted + Personalized Emails

We understand you would not want to send the same newsletter to your paid & trial users. And statistics support it. We got you covered there by having indepth information about your users – whether user is on trial, which plan they are on and a few other important information updated in your Mailchimp account multiple times daily.  The additional data are exposed as “Merge Tags” in MailChimp.

You could use the subscription data via the merge tags option in MailChimp to send more personalized emails and also send targeted mails using segmentation feature in MailChimp.

Click here to learn more about this feature and start waltzing!

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