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Applicable Addons and Charges 


Chargebee allows you to attach addons and charges to the subscriptions of any plans automatically. These can be added as recommended or mandatory, based on your business requirement.

For example, if you are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company offering Grow, Hustle, and Scale plans, you may want some premium addons to be available only for the Hustle and Scale plans.

PLANS Custom Reports Additional Users
Grow Not applicable Not applicable
Hustle Recommended addon Not applicable
Scale Mandatory addon Mandatory addon

Applicable addons and charges can be configured for each plan, to automate the addons and charges application to the subscriptions.

Configuring Applicable Addons and Charges 

To add applicable addons and charges to a plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click Product Catalog > Plans. Select the plan for which you are adding applicable addons and charges.

  2. In the Plan details page, scroll to the Applicable Addons and Charges section. All addons and charges are set as applicable by default. You can click Change and select specific addons and charges to be applicable.

  3. Click +Attach and select Addons or Charges from the drop-down.

  4. Attaching Addons: In the Attach an addon popoup, select the addon that you want to attach to this plan from the drop down and choose one of the following options for its applicability:

    • Mandatory
      • When set as mandatory, the addon is automatically attached to new plan-activations and cannot be removed (except via API). The quantity cannot be edited either.
      • If a subscription changes to another plan with which the addon is not mandatory, the addon is removed from it automatically.
    • Recommended
      • When you set an addon as recommended in the Chargebee app, the addon is suggested in the Checkout and Portal to the customer, provided you have enabled the recommended addon setting for Checkout and Portal.
      • In APIs, the attachment type attribute for the addon in the plan resource is set to recommended. You can then use this information to implement addon recommendations on your custom-built website/app.
    • Optional (Only available when addons are restricted)
      • Designating an addon as optional allows it to be attached to the subscription optionally.
  5. Attaching Charges: In the Attach a charge popup, select the charge that you want to attach to this plan from the drop down and choose one of the following options for its applicability:

    • Subscription creation: Whenever a new subscription is created in Chargebee. Note that if a subscription is created today and set to start in the future, the subscription creation event is said to have happened today.
    • Subscription trial start: For plans with trials, the time when the trial starts.
      • Example - If you wish to charge your customers a fee for the trial period, you can create a non-recurring addon for it and set it for a plan to be charged on subscription trial start.
    • Plan activation: This includes all cases under subscription activation and the case when the subscription undergoes a plan change.
      • Note - Assume a plan ABC with a non-recurring addon Activation fee attached to it, set to be charged on plan activation. If the plan of a subscription is changed from any other to ABC, this addon would be immediately applied to the subscription. Now, if the plan is again changed to something else and then switched back to ABC, the addon is only applied if the Apply chargesoption for it is set to Every time this event occurs in the details page for ABC.
    • Subscription activation: Whenever the subscription status goes active. This includes reactivations.
      • Note - Choose the Apply charges option as Every time this event occurs if you wish to include the addon during subscription reactivations.
    • On Demand: This setting allows the addon to be attached to a subscription for the plan, at any time.
  • Once an addon is attached to a plan as recommended or optional, it can then be added to any of its pre-existing subscriptions via the change subscription action.
  • For gift plans, you can only associate charges on-demand. Event-based applications are not possible.
  • The add addon action at the customer level can be used to add any charge regardless of how addon applicability is configured.

Viewing Addons and Charges Application 

  • Once configured, when you choose a plan while creating a subscription on your Chargebee site, the addons and charges are attached automatically based on your configuration.

  • When your customers choose the plan during checkout, the addons get attached automatically and the checkout summary shows the prices accordingly.

  • Similarly, when your customers change their subscription using the Self-serve Portal to a different plan that has applicable addons or charges configured, the addons or charges are attached automatically.

See also

In addition to associating addons and charges to the subscription of plans automatically, you can also configure based on the plans with which they are bought.

Viewing Addons and Charges Association 

The addon and charges association with a plan can be viewed in the following places in Chargebee.

Plan Details Page

All the applicable addons for a particular plan can be seen on the details page of the plan.

Addon Details Page

Similarly, the details page for an addon or a charge shows the plans that it is associated with.

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