Chargebee actions in Salesforce CPQ 

This section describes the actions you can perform in Chargebee from Salesforce after successfully installing the CPQ integration.


Chargebee for Salesforce CPQ must be configured so that your sales personnel can effectively perform actions such as creating customers, subscriptions, charges, and more in Chargebee from Salesforce.

Creating CPQ products 

Creating products  will enable your sales personnel to add them to their quotes, opportunities, and orders and create Chargebee subscriptions for those products. Additionally, you must define the billing frequency  of the products you plan to sell.
In Chargebee, a product can have multiple billing frequencies, whereas, in Salesforce, a product is the first record to hold a billing frequency and quote lines inherit that billing frequency. If you want to create products with multiple frequencies, you must create a parent product followed by its child products. This allows the integration to seamlessly sync products and their price points created in Salesforce to Chargebee.

  • For the integration to sync products, you must create product families in Salesforce  identical to those in Chargebee. Refer to the field mapping to understand how products are synced.
  • Quarterly and Semi Annual billing frequencies must be set up within Chargebee as custom billing frequencies.

To create products, perform these steps:

  1. Create a parent product.

    1. Go to Products and click New.
    2. Enter Product Name and Product Code. Special characters or spaces should not be included in the product code.
    3. Select the Product Family.
    4. Select the Active checkbox.
    5. Select a Pricing Method. See the list of supported pricing methods.
    6. For Chargebee Type, select Plan or Addon.
    7. Enter any additional product information in the available fields and click Save.
  2. Create child products.

    1. Go to Products and click New.

    2. Enter Product Name.

    3. For the Chargebee Item field, select the parent product added in step 1.

    4. Select the Product Family and Pricing Method, same as the parent product added in step 1.

    5. Select the Subscription Pricing.

    6. Enter the Subscription Term as required for the product you are creating.

    7. Select the Billing Frequency.

    8. For the Chargebee Type field, select Plan or Addon.

    9. Enter any additional product information in the available fields and click Save.

  3. Add a price book for the child product.

    1. From the Products page, select the child product and go to the Related tab> Price Books.
    2. Select Add Standard Price.
    3. Select Send to Chargebee checkbox.
    4. For Price Book, select Standard Price Book.
    5. Enter an amount for the List Price and click Save.
  • Adding a product code and description to a parent product is mandatory as they are applied to the child products.
  • The integration takes up to 15 minutes to sync products created in Salesforce with Chargebee.
  • The price book for a product must always be set to the Standard Price Book, even if the product has custom price books.

Product synchronization 

Here is an example of how a CPQ product is synced to Chargebee.

Parent Product


Child Products


Billing Frequency


Pricing Method


List Price


Office Supplies

Office Supplies Monthly




Office Supplies Quarterly




Office Supplies Annually




The integration syncs the product into Chargebee in the following manner:



Billing Frequency


Pricing Model




Office Supplies


Per Unit


Every 3 months

Per Unit



Per Unit


The integration populates the following fields in Salesforce after syncing the products to Chargebee.

  • The Chargebee ID field is populated with the ID of the plan, addon, or charge that the product is synced to.
  • The Chargebee Site ID field is populated with your Chargebee site.

Creating a subscription 

After creating products, you can add them to quotes, opportunities, and orders and create Chargebee subscriptions for those products.


Before creating subscriptions, your Chargebee site must be configured to allow manual discounts and multi-decimal support.

To create subscriptions, perform these steps:

  1. Create an account.

    1. Add account details .
    2. Select the Auto Collection checkbox.
    3. Select Chargebee Primary Contact and Chargebee Billing Contact.
    4. Enter the Net Term Days.
    5. Click Save.
  2. Create an opportunity  for the account.

  3. Create a quote  for the opportunity.

  4. Add configured products to the quote.

    1. Go to the quote that you have created and select Edit Lines.

    2. Select Standard Price Book from Choose the Price Book pop-up window.

    3. Click Add Products and select the products. Add a discount if required to the quote.

    4. Enter any additional details and click Save.

  5. Edit the quote that you have created and select the Ordered checkbox. The quote is converted to an order.

  6. From the quote page, select Orders > Order Number.

    1. Click Edit.
    2. Select the Status as Activated.
    3. Select the Contracted checkbox.
  7. A contract is created and displayed under the Contracts section for the order.

  8. Go to the Order page and select the contract under the contracts section.

  9. From the Subscription section of the contract, copy the subscription id and paste it into the Chargebee Plan field of the Order Product. Click Save.

  10. Go to the Order page and select the contract from the Contracts section.

  11. From the Contracts page, select the subscription from the Subscription section.

  12. Select Send to Chargebee checkbox and click Save.

  13. Set the contract to Activated status.

Once the subscription associated with the contract is sent to Chargebee, the integration creates customer, subscription, and plan/addon in Chargebee.

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