Chargebee's hosted capabilities make it easy to create great customer experiences. You can use pre-built, configurable pages for a quick, no-code integration that handles everything. Or, if you want more control over the user experience on your website, you can use the client-side js library to manage billing and payments. Hosted capabilities can help your customers to:

  • Checkout and complete purchases with a variety of payment methods.
  • View and manage subscriptions.
  • Preview current and upcoming charges.
  • Modify payment methods.
  • Pay due invoices.
  • Ensure they provide a valid VAT number.

In addition to the features mentioned above, hosted capabilities provide benefits such as compliance with region-specific regulations, support for multiple payment gateways, and seamless integration with Chargebee's billing and subscription management. These capabilities make creating a smooth customer experience easy with minimal effort and cost.

Key Features 

  • PCI compliance: Chargebee's hosted capabilities ensure secure card transactions for your customers by confirming PCI DSS Level 1  requirements.

  • Built-in support for multiple payment methods: popular payment methods such as bank-based payments, direct debit, and wallets across the globe are supported out of the box, ensuring frictionless payments.

  • Wide range of payment gateway integrations: choose your preferred gateway, connect it to your Chargebee account, and allow your customers to pay in their preferred currency.

  • Customize your branding: various layout and customization options are available to help tailor the look and feel of the checkout experience.

  • Localization: Chargebee caters to hosted pages in multiple locales so that you can provide a localized business experience in all your markets.

  • Easy subscription management: offload your customer subscription data to Chargebee and allow your customers to view and manage them easily.

  • Automated tax calculation: displays complex tax calculations and applies global taxes.

  • Support for advanced features like user-specific discounts, coupons, one-time charges, gift workflows, address auto-completion, custom fields, and more.

Hosted Pages 

Chargebee offers pre-built hosted pages that require little or no coding to integrate with your website or application. The following types are available:

  • Checkout: enable customers to make payments seamlessly and complete their purchases.
  • Customer portal: allow customers to view and manage their account and subscriptions.
  • Payment method management: enable customers to quickly add or update their payment methods.
  • Pay now: help customers instantly pay their due invoices.

Chargebee JS 

Chargebee JS is a client-side software library that provides powerful billing and payment management capabilities. While hosted pages offer some of the same features in a pre-built format, Chargebee JS gives you greater control over the customer experience. You can customize the payment process to suit your needs while Chargebee does the heavy lifting.

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