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Release Notes 

This page contains the latest updates of the Chargebee-HubSpot integration.

November 24, 2021 

The integration allows syncing Chargebee plans, addons, and charges with price points created using any pricing model to HubSpot products.

November 16, 2021 

The integration now allows VAT Number to be synced as part of additional field mapping for customers.

November 15, 2021 

The integration converts the country name from HubSpot to their corresponding ISO country codes and maps them to Chargebee billing addresses. For more information, see Company Synchronization.

October 12, 2021 

  • Sync company records and associated contact records in HubSpot to customer records in Chargebee.
  • Sync item families, items, and supported item prices in Chargebee to HubSpot as products.
  • Create subscriptions in Chargebee from deals automatically.
  • Create subscription checkout links from deals in HubSpot.
  • Create subscriptions from UI.
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