Products and services that are priced based on usage or consumption require advanced billing configuration and subscription management. Chargebee's metered billing solution allows you to charge your customers based on the usage of your products and services at ease. You can define plans and addons as metered components in Chargebee and add usage data to the corresponding subscription records. Based on the (sum/latest/maximum)usage added, Chargebee calculates and applies the price to the respective invoices.

For example, you can use Chargebee's metered billing solution to automatically invoice your customers with a base service charge along with charges for service consumption on a recurring basis. And what's more? Chargebee is designed to go beyond billing, and helps you manage subscriptions at scale, streamlines your entire revenue operations for recurring billing and payments, and handles your accounting and taxation with ease.

When your business deals with a huge volume of usage data that needs real-time tracking, processing, and syncing, the m3ter integration for Chargebee is helpful. m3ter is a metering and rating tool that allows you to set up meters for usage data collection, price product subscriptions by usage, and calculate bill line items. These bill line items can in turn be seamlessly synced with Chargebee for invoicing.


  • Set up your m3ter account .
  • Enable and configure metered billing for your Chargebee site by referring to this document.
  • Define required Plans, and Charges as metered components in Chargebee and map them to corresponding m3ter Plans and Aggregations. Ensure matching currencies while mapping.
  • Chargebee charge items must be mapped to m3ter pricing.

Sync Overview 

Data syncs between Chargebee and m3ter as follows:

Object Mapping 

  • Customers in Chargebee are synced as Accounts in m3ter.
  • Subscriptions in Chargebee are synced as Account Plans in m3ter.

The integration connector automatically maps for the following object/field combinations in the m3ter external mappings object:

Chargebee m3ter
Object Field Object Field
Customer Customer Id Account Id
Subscription SubscriptionId - ItemPricesId AccountPlan Id
Invoice Invoice Item Id BillItem Id
Invoice Invoice Id Bill Id

Integration Workflow 

Subscription data synced from Chargebee to m3ter

After the integration is configured, each time a subscription record is created in Chargebee, a webhook is triggered and captured by m3ter. A corresponding Account Plan is created along with an account being created for the associated customer record.

  • When a subscription record is updated in Chargebee, the associated existing account plan in m3ter ends, and a new account plan is created. The updated subscription record needs to be mapped with a m3ter plan.
  • When a subscription record is canceled in Chargebee, the associated existing account plan in m3ter ends with the end date captured from Chargebee.

Usage data tracked by m3ter

The usage data for the accounts get tracked in m3ter via API or file uploads for metering, rating, and billing based on your configuration.

Billing output sent to Chargebee

When a bill is ready to be sent to Chargebee for invoicing, the bill must be approved in m3ter. (Dynamic) Pricing is applied by m3ter on the bill, and the final amount to be charged gets added to the associated pending invoice in Chargebee as a non-recurring addon/charge item.


Integrating your Chargebee site with m3ter involves Authorization and Webhook Configuration. You can refer to this detailed guide to learn how you can configure the integration .

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