Migrating to Chargebee is essentially moving data from your existing billing system to maintain and bill them in Chargebee.

Migration comprises of moving data such as customers, subscriptions, invoices and also mapping card tokens to customers in Chargebee.

The following use cases are apt for migration:

  • You are a new Chargebee user looking to move all your subscription data into Chargebee.

  • You are an existing Chargebee user looking to switch to a different gateway vault.

  • You are a new Chargebee user looking to change your billing system and gateway vault.


To raise a request to our migration team, go to your Chargebee app and click Settings > Import and Export data > Raise a migration request.

Our migration services provide a comprehensive solution for transferring customers, subscriptions, credit notes, and current term invoice data.

Migration process is carefully curated with subsequent checks in each step to ensure error-free transfer of data. Based on your preference, you can either do a self-driven migration or have our migration team take it up for you.

Types of Migration 

Migration is classified into Data, Card Migration based on the specific data which you intend to move.

Data Migration 

Data migration is moving your customers, subscriptions, credit notes and invoices from your previous billing system to Chargebee. To learn more, take a look at our detailed doc on Migrating Data.

Card Migration 

Card migration is the mapping of card tokens from your new payment gateway to associated customers in Chargebee. To learn more, take a look at our detailed doc on Migrating Cards.

Further, if you intend to do the entire migration in your own terms, the section below is for you.

Self Migration 

Migrate data and card tokens yourself using Chargebee's Bulk Operations. In case if you are an API user, make use of our Import API feature for the same.

However, we recommend you to raise a request to our Migration team so that we could take care of the complexities better and help you with a hassle-free migration.

To learn more about the steps involved, take a look at our doc on Self migration.


1) How much time would it take for migration?

Migration can be completed in 10 days once the data is provided in the required format to Chargebee.

2) Can I do a Data and Card Migration at the same time?

No you cannot. This is because you need to provide card tokens for mapping payment methods to Customers during Data migration.

Hence if you are moving away from both your Billing system and Gateway vault, perform a Card migration followed by Data migration.

3) What is a current term invoice?

The invoice which was paid by the customer for the ongoing term.

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