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Subscription Entitlements 

In subscriptions, you can add entitlements to features that are not part of the product catalog items. Additionally, you can also change the entitlement level of an existing feature. Entitlements assigned at the subscription level take precedence over entitlements assigned at the product catalog level. This allows you to override the feature entitlements granted at the product catalog level and control to what extent a user can access or utilize these features.


Let's take an example to understand this better, John Doe has three plans available in Chargebee - Rise, Standard, and Enterprise with different levels of entitlements in each of them.
For the Rise plan, three features are available; Standard plan, four features; and the Enterprise plan has five features. John decides to subscribe to the Rise plan.

However, John insists on having the Advanced Analytics feature as part of the Rise plan. This is achieved by overriding John's entitlements on the Rise plan at the subscription level by the account manager.

View Entitlements in Subscriptions 

When a feature is activated and mapped to product catalog items, it becomes available for all subscriptions that have said product catalog items. All features available on a subscription are listed in the entitlements section of the subscription detail page. 

By default, the feature name and entitlement level are displayed in the entitlement section of the subscription.

To view entitlements on the subscription, click the Subscriptions page > select a subscription > scroll down to the Entitlements section.

Features that are overridden at the subscription level, appear with a blue arrow next to them in the entitlements section of the subscriptions. To know more about overriding a feature, click here. 

Edit Entitlements in Subscriptions 

The edit entitlements function helps you to change the entitlement level of an already existing feature in a subscription. It also allows you to add features that aren't already available on the subscription.
There might be instances when you want to change the entitlement levels of the product catalog items. For example, you want to upgrade the entitlement level of a feature to help users understand their requirements.

To edit entitlements of an already existing feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Subscriptions page > Entitlements > Click Edit Entitlements.

  2. You are redirected to the Entitlements index page.

  3. Click on the entitlements level of the feature you want to change.

  4. Select the new entitlements level and click Override.

  5. Red arrow next to the entitlement indicates the override is in the draft stage.

  6. Click Apply to confirm the override.

  7. Click Confirm to save the changes.


The feature whose entitlement level is overridden at the subscription level has a blue arrow next to it in the entitlements section of the subscriptions details page.

Add Entitlements in Subscriptions 

You can add entitlements to features through the subscriptions details page. If there are no feature entitlements available in subscriptions, you are prompted to create one.

To add entitlements to a feature from the subscription screen. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Subscriptions list page.

  2. Select a subscription whose entitlements you want to override > Scroll down to the entitlement section.

  3. Click Add Features. You will be redirected to the features index page.

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