Staying connected is of grave significance and when it comes to your customers, communication helps you keep your business afloat. Chargebee understands your need and hence the integration with Twilio.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform for sending and receiving SMS and phone calls without the complexity of involving network carriers. This enables you to communicate with your customers via SMS and phone calls.

Chargebee will send emails with OTP to customers when they log in to Customer Portal or during the checkout. To reduce the hassle caused by emails, Chargebee has now integrated with Twilio.

With this integration, Chargebee can send OTPs to your customers via SMS. Chargebee will send the SMS via Twilio in two events:

  • To authenticate Customers when they are logging in to Chargebee's Customer Portal via login page.
  • To authenticate the existing customers while they're performing checkout in Chargebee's hosted pages.

For Chargebee to authenticate your customer, you should be using Chargebee's plan specific hosted pages


  • Upgraded Twilio Account
  • SMS capable phone numbers provided by Twilio

Setting up the Integration 

Step 1: Initiating the setup

From your Chargebee Site, navigate to Apps > Go to Marketplace > Twilio. Click Connect

Step 2: Twilio Account Details
You will be prompted to enter your Twilio Account SID and Twilio Auth Token.

To find Twilio's SID and auth token, log in to your Twilio Account and navigate to User > Account > Settings

Step 3: Choose the Twilio Number/Message Service
You will be asked to choose from the Twilio Phone Number or the Twilio Message Service SID for Chargebee to send SMS.

Twilio Number is the phone number using which you are permitting Chargebee to send the SMS to your customers.
Twilio Message Service: If you have message service set up in your Twilio Account, you enter the SID here.
You will be asked to enter your phone number to send a test SMS to ensure the SID is valid.

This will connect your Chargebee Account and Twilio Account


1. How can I change the Twilio number or Message Service ID that I used for the integration with Chargebee?
In your Chargebee site, navigate to Apps > Go to Marketplace > Twilio > Manage Integration. Clicking on Manage Integrations will prompt you to modify/add the existing number or choose Twilio Message Service.

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