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This page contains the latest updates of the Chargebee-HubSpot integration.


Early Access
The HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration is currently in early access. Contact to join the Early Adopter Program.
The Quote-to-Cash integration requires HubSpot's Sales Hub Professional  edition or higher.

May 2023 

  • With this update, customers with common email domains can sync the records to HubSpot when the company matching criteria is set to custom field matching.

March 2023 

  • We've improved integration with HubSpot by adding a new feature that allows users to choose between mrr and recurring revenue options for the deal amount field when the update existing deal setting is selected and a new deal is created. The new drop-down menu appears when no existing deal is found and enables users to select their preferred option. The default option is mrr, but users can choose to update the new deals as recurring revenue if they wish.
  • We've updated the Chargebee and HubSpot Q2C integration to enable users to define mapping criteria for sync between Chargebee customers and HubSpot company. This update gives users greater control and flexibility in mapping criteria, ensuring the right records are synced between Chargebee and HubSpot.

February 2023 

  • We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature in Q2C, Subscription Amendments! This feature allows users to edit or amend their subscriptions directly within HubSpot. With Subscription Amendments, businesses can now easily upgrade their subscriptions to suit their needs. Learn more.
  • With the Populate Deal Amount For Self-Serve Sync release, the deal amount will be automatically updated when a subscription is synced from Chargebee to HubSpot.
  • With the Sync Subscriptions to Deals with Additional Fields Parameters enhancement, you can define the matching criteria for the record sync happening between Chargebee Subscription and HubSpot Deals.

January 2023 

  • The Redirect Sync feature enables you to reassign records in Chargebee to new records in HubSpot Quote-to-Cash when the original record in HubSpot Quote-to-Cash is deleted.
  • Product sync failures caused by a lack of matching currency configuration in HubSpot Quote-to-Cash will now be resolved automatically once the currency is configured in HubSpot Quote-to-Cash.

November 2022 

  • Chargebee's HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration now supports a maximum currency value of 90,071,992,547,409.91, which was 21,474,836.47 earlier.

October 2022 

  • The HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration now allows you to sync billing address information from custom billing address fields in HubSpot to standard billing address fields in Chargebee. Learn more.

September 2022 

  • Using the Customer Linking option, you can select to link multiple customers in Chargebee to one company in HubSpot.

August 2022 

July 2022 

  • The sync dashboard in Chargebee HubSpot quote-to-cash integration displays an overview of the records synced from Chargebee to HubSpot.

May 2022 

April 2022 

  • Customers can now pay via their bank account while using the checkout link to complete their purchases.

April 2022 

  • You can create checkout links for non-subscription products.
  • The limitation on the number of HubSpot fields per HubSpot object allowed to map as part of the additional field mapping is removed. However, the property groups from which properties are available for selection remain the same.

April 2022 

  • When multiple contacts are associated with a company, the integration allows you to select a primary contact while creating subscriptions.
  • You can map up to 15 additional fields for syncing company and deal records in HubSpot to customer and subscription records, respectively, in Chargebee.

March 2022 

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March 2022 

  • The invoice card displays invoice details when a subscription is created out of a deal using the HubSpot Quote-to-Cash integration.

February 2022 

As part of mapping additional fields for the company and deals, the integration now supports the following:

  • When the integration syncs company records, any update to company additional field values in HubSpot replaces the customer field values in Chargebee.
  • When the integration syncs deal records, any update to deal additional field values in HubSpot replaces the subscription field values in Chargebee.
  • Blank values in HubSpot additional fields do not overwrite values in Chargebee.

November 2021 

  • The integration allows syncing Chargebee plans, addons, and charges with price points created using any pricing model to HubSpot products.

November 2021 

  • The integration now allows VAT Number to be synced as part of additional field mapping for customers.

November 2021 

  • The integration converts the country name from HubSpot to their corresponding ISO country codes and maps them to Chargebee billing addresses. For more information, see Company Synchronization.

October 2021 

  • Sync company records and associated contact records in HubSpot to customer records in Chargebee.
  • Sync item families, items, and supported item prices in Chargebee to HubSpot as products.
  • Create subscriptions in Chargebee from deals automatically.
  • Create subscription checkout links from deals in HubSpot.
  • Create subscriptions from UI.
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