Intercom Inbox 

Intercom tracks customer interaction with the chat box as a conversation inside Inbox. You can choose to install apps on your Inbox based on the resources you need for interacting with your customers.

Chargebee for Inbox app allows support executives to view the subscription and invoice details of the customer they are conversing with, right in Intercom's Inbox. This eases the support executives' work and helps them in providing an improved customer experience.

  • Flat and unit pricing models are only supported.
  • This feature does not support Chargebee's role based restriction. Anyone having access to your Intercom Inbox can access Chargebee for Intercom Inbox.


  1. Search for ‘Chargebee for Inbox' in Intercom's App store  and install the app.
  2. Authorize access to Chargebee.
  3. Complete authentication by entering your Chargebee site name and full access API key.
  4. Navigate to your Intercom Inbox page, click Edit. Add ‘Chargebee for Inbox' app to the workspace.
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