Multi Business Entity Notifications 


With the multi-business entity now enabled and entities created, we can now complete the following:

  • Creating an entity-specific filter for Customers.
  • Sending entity-specific notifications using the created filter.
  • Viewing entity-specific Email Logs.

Site level impact to Multi Business Entity 

At the site level, users with appropriate permissions can configure notifications for customers associated with a particular business entity. All the other notifications-related functionalities are available as usual.

Users can configure emails and send them using the SMTP servers only at the site level. Chargebee's SMTP server has email notification limits. Learn more about SMTP configuration  and its limits.

Entity-level Impacts of Multi Business Entity 

At the entity level, you can only view the entity-specific logs for the emails sent under that entity. All other functionalities are available only at the site level.

Create Business-Entity-Specific Filters for Customers 

With the Business Entity model, you can now create business entity-specific filters to segregate customers within an entity and send emails to them.

Follow the steps below to set up business-entity-specific filters:

  1. Click Customers from the left nav menu.

  2. Click Filter List if you have the required customers in your site, else create new customers and then click Filter List**.

  3. Type Business to search for the Business Entity filter and click Name. You can even choose to create the filter using the Business Entity ID.

  4. Select the desired parameter for the filter. In this example, we have selected contains.

  5. Enter the appropriate word to search for customers within a particular entity. In this example, we have entered India as we want to list the customers under the SPCL_India entity.

  6. Click Apply Filter.

  7. Click Save Filter to save for future use.

  8. Enter the filter name, select Make this filter accessible to all and click Save.

Send Emails to Entity Specific Customers 

After you have created and saved the filter for customers, you can use the same filter to send various emails to the customers under a particular entity.

  1. Click Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications

  2. Click the desired email notification category. In this example, we select Onboarding emails.

  3. Click Edit for any of the existing notifications or create a new notification.

  4. Select the filter that you created from the Send To drop-down menu.

  5. Make the desired changes to the email draft (if required), and click Publish.

View Business Entity-specific Email Logs 

As an Admin User, you can view the Email Logs for a particular entity by selecting the desired entity. If you are an entity-level user, you can only view the logs for your entity. Learn more about Email Logs.

  1. Select the applicable site name from the left nav menu.

  2. Click Logs > Email Logs.

  3. You can view the logs of all the emails sent by the selected entity.

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