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Migration: An Overview 

What is data migration? 

In Chargebee terminology, 'Data Migration' is the process of moving all subscription and payment information from your existing service provider to Chargebee so we can take over the billing of your subscribers.

What data can be migrated? 

Data pertaining to Subscriptions including Customer details (name, email address, billing address etc), Subscription status (Trial, Active, Canceled, etc.) and Shipping address, invoices, if present, can be imported into Chargebee.


Equipping Chargebee with your past invoice data will ensure that any prorated charges on active subscriptions are handled seamlessly during the shift.

What about payment details like card information? 

We do not take card details directly. We will only need the tokens that represent the card. These tokens are issued by the vault where the cards are stored (Spreedly, Stripe, or Braintree) depending on the payment gateway you're currently using and intend to use with Chargebee. For more information on payment details migration, contact .

Who does the migration? 

Our Bulk Operations feature lets you do the migration yourself. Learn more.

However, if you feel that the process is complicated, our Migration team can to do it on your behalf. There might be a service fee depending on the amount of data and work involved.

Is there a chance of double billing? 

The migration process ensures that there will be no double billing.
However, you will need to stop taking new sign ups through your existing billing platform. This task will be a part of the migration checklist that we will share with you; we cannot proceed with the migration unless this is done.

Additionally, before the import begins in Chargebee, all the subscriptions in your existing system should be canceled.

As a precaution, if there are any subscriptions that have been scheduled for renewal on the day of migration, the renewal will be postponed by a few days (usually 2 or 3 days, based on your preference). This gives you sufficient time to review all the data in the live site and make changes if needed before renewals start happening in Chargebee. For example, if the migration is scheduled for the 1st of June and a few subscriptions are also scheduled to renew on that date, and you'd like the renewals to be postponed by 2 days, the renewal will happen on the 3rd of June.

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