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Quotes is available only for select plans. To know more, visit Chargebee's Plans and Pricing page.


A quote in Chargebee is a document used to let a potential buyer know how much the goods or services will cost before they commit to the purchase. Quotes can be created for your current/new customers for a new subscription, changes to existing subscriptions (such as plan upgrades or applying addons) and for one-time charges. A quote is useful in allowing the customer to carry out their internal purchase approval processes. Once accepted, you can create a new subscription or update existing subscription with the changes and create an invoice to complete the purchase.

  • Quotes can also be titled as "proforma invoice".


Quotes can be made for new subscription sign-ups, changes to existing subscriptions or even one-time charges. Moreover, once a customer accepts a quote, you have the option of allowing them to complete the purchase themselves.

Let's look at a scenario where a new subscription quote is sent to a customer which they then accept and sign-up for:

(1) Create a quote for a new subscription by clicking on the Create Quote button on the customer details page. You can choose to create quote for the customer for a new subscription or for a subscription change.

The Create Quote page would look like this:

You can specify a quote name and choose the plan and addons for the subscription. You can customize the default quote expiry date if required. While creating quote for a new subscription, you can specify a subscription start date if you want the subscription to start on a particular date in the future, or by default the subscription would start on quote acceptance.

(2) Once the quote is created, you can email a PDF of the quote to the customer. The file name would be the quote name, if you have specified one; or the default file name would be the quote title and its number. The expiry date field in a quote that is sent to a customer clearly specifies the expiry date and time as per the time zone configured in your Chargebee site, to avoid any discrepancy or confusion.

(3) The customer can accept the quote and sign-up by clicking on a link that can be sent to them in the email. The sign-up happens via Chargebee Checkout (shown here for the modal version):

Alternatively, instead of sending them the sign-up link, you can solicit their acceptance via email/phone call etc. and then close the purchase yourself.


You can configure Quotes by navigating as follows:

Settings > Configure Chargebee > Invoices, credit notes & quotes > Quotes tab. (Enable Quotes here if not already done.)

  • Quote title:
    • Set the title for the quote PDFs sent to your customers.
    • The title can be either "QUOTE" or "PROFORMA INVOICE".
    • When you generate a PDF for an already existing quote, the title used for it is the one set here at the date/time of generation.
  • Quote number prefix: Each quote has a document number which is serially incremented for every quote created. You can set a prefix for your quote numbers and it gets applied to all quotes created henceforth. You can configure Quote numbering to set a prefix, dynamic prefix and next quote number. Refer to this page to learn more about quotes numbering.
  • Show applicable taxes:
    • This setting is only available when taxes are configured and determines whether the applied taxes are shown on quotes.
    • If taxes have been applied on a quote, a note stating that they are subject to change is added to the quote PDF.
    • If taxes have been applied on a quote and if they are chosen to be hidden using this setting, a note stating whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of taxes is added to the quote PDF.
  • Validity:
    • Sets the default validity of the quote, which is the duration for which it can remain in the open status.
    • Open quotes are automatically marked closed upon expiry of the validity period.
    • The value that can be set here is between 1 and 30 days (default: 10 days). However, while creating a quote via the user interface (and not via API) you can pick an expiration date much further than 30 days.
    • You can extend the validity for individual quotes using the Extend Expiry date action.
  • Notes: When you set a note here, it is included on all the quote PDFs created from then on. Additionally, you can add custom notes while creating a quote via the user interface that are specific to the respective quote.
  • Signature: You can add a signature to be displayed on all the quotes that you send.
  • Payment Instructions: Once your customers have reviewed the quote, depending on the way your business works, they may be making payments before you send them an invoice. If these payments are done offline (eg. using bank transfer/PayPal/ACH credit transfers), complete instructions for doing so can be shown on the PDF quote using this feature. The payment instructions included are the ones defined under invoice customization.

Create Quote 

You can create quotes in Chargebee for

  • a new subscription
  • changing an existing subscription
  • one-time charges
  • reactivating a cancelled subscription

New Subscription 

To create a quote for a new subscription, navigate to the details page of the customer and click on Create Quote. A new subscription quote can also be created using an API call .

Change Subscription 

To create a quote for changing a subscription, navigate to the details page of the Customer/Subscription and click on Create Quote. Make the proposed changes to the subscription and a quote is created for those changes.

If proration is enabled, new charges are prorated (when applicable) and credits are raised for the unused period of the subscription. Such charges and credits are dependent on the time of quote creation. Consequently, it is advisable to let the customer know via the quote email that actual charges on the invoice would depend on the date/time of making the purchase.

  • Creating a quote for changes to a subscription is disallowed if there is already a quote in open or accepted status for it.
  • When a subscription is cancelled then any open quote for changing the subscription is closed automatically, with the comment, "Subscription cancelled".

A quote for changes to a subscription can also be created via an API call .

One-time Charges 

  • One-time charges are one-off charges for products or services that are not included in your product catalog.
  • A quote for a one-time charge can only be created via API .

Reactivating a Subscription 

A quote can also be created for reactivating a cancelled subscription. However, this can only be done via API .

See also

The FAQs to learn how a quote can be created for multiple terms of a subscription.

View Quotes 

You can list quotes at the following places:

  • To see all quotes: click on Quotes on the left menu.
  • Quotes linked to a customer can be seen under the Quotes tab on the details page for the customer.
  • Quotes linked to a subscription can be seen under the Quotes tab on the details page for the subscription.

Here's a sample quote details screen:

Note: You can also use an API call  to retrieve a quote.

Update Status 

This action is used to change the status of the quote. There is also an API call  for it.

The action can change the status of a quote to accepted, declined or closed. Open and invoiced statuses are always set by Chargebee.

Here's more on each status:

  • Open: This is the status of the quote when created. A quote can be emailed to the customer only when in this status. It is only set once for a quote and is never returned to from any other status.
  • Accepted: This status is used to indicate that a quote has been accepted by the customer but the subscription is yet to be created or updated with an invoice.
  • Invoiced: When an open quote is successfully invoiced into a sale, its status is changed by Chargebee to invoiced. Note that this also includes conversions where the invoicing is deferred due to a trial period or due to the charges being kept as unbilled. This status is always set by the system and cannot be set manually using the update status action.
  • Declined: This is used to indicate that the quote has been rejected by the customer. Create/Update subscription action is not possible for a quote in this status.
  • Closed: A closed quote is one that has either expired or is manually set to closed to indicate that it will not be processed any further. Moreover, when a subscription is cancelled, any open quotes linked to it for subscription change are closed automatically, with a comment saying "Subscription cancelled".

Invoice a Quote 

Once the customer agrees to the terms on the quote, you can create a new susbcription or update existing susbcription with the changes and create an invoice from the quote immediately, thereby completing the purchase. This updates the quote status to invoiced. Note that the quote status is updated on purchase even if the actual invoicing is deferred due to a trial period or the charge being left unbilled.

A quote can be invoiced in the following ways:

(1) Via the User Interface 

On the details page of a quote, click on Create/Update Subscription. The following prompt appears for a new subscription quote:

You can select your preferred option and continue to create an invoice.

(2) By the Customer 

You can have a customer invoice a quote themselves and pay it, by directing them to a Chargebee-hosted accept quote page or modal.

This can be done in two ways:

  • If the quote has been emailed to the customer with the accept quote link, the link leads the customer to the hosted page or modal.
  • API users can call the Accept a quote  API to fetch the hosted pages link the customer needs to be directed to.

    Note: Quotes for one-time charges cannot be invoiced using a Chargebee-hosted page/modal.

(3) Via API 

API users can invoice a quote using the Convert a quote  API call.

Other Quote Actions 

The following actions are available for a quote from its details page:

Send Email 

This action is only available for quotes in open status.

This action allows you to compose and send an email cover letter for the quote. The quote PDF is attached with this email.

A couple of important mail-merge fields that can be used here are:

  • {{quote.accept_quote_link}}: The link leads the customer to a Chargebee Checkout modal/page from where the they can make the purchase described in the quote. (This link is not available when the quote is for a one-time charge).
  • {{quote.valid_till}}: this inserts the date till which the quote is valid.

View as PDF 

This action generates and displays a PDF copy of the quote based on the current quote settings. Using your browser, you may download the PDF when it is open. You can also retrieve a quote PDF using an API call .

Extend Expiry Date 

This action allows you to extend the validity of quotes (in open status) by a few more days. Based on your communication with your customer, when it might take a few more days for them to accept the quote than the default number of days that you have set for all quotes, you can make use of this option, instead of regenerating the quote and sharing again from scratch. You can extend the expiry date by 7, 10 or 15 days or even choose a custom expiry date.


This action deletes the quote from Chargebee. There is also an API call  for this action.


Can a quote be created for multiple terms of a subscription? 

Yes, but this can only be done via API: set the terms_to_charge parameter while using the API calls for Create quote for new subscription  or Create quote for update subscription .

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