Time Zone 

Chargebee allows you to make and record your transactions in the time zone of your choice. The updated time zone will reflect in every related event in your Chargebee site.

To configure time zone for your business-entities explore this documentation . Enable Multi business entity  feature before configuring time zone for your business entities.

Test Site 

During sign up, Chargebee's Test Site will follow the time zone of your browser by default.

Live Site 

When you switch from Test Site to Live Site, you will be prompted to update the time zone.


Time zone is set for the Chargebee site and will be the same for all the users despite the user location. Say your Chargebee site is set to follow EST, this means that all users of your Chargebee site will find the records in EST.

Changing Time Zone 

You can update the time zone set in your Chargebee site (both Test and Live). Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Business Profile > Change Time Zone and you will find the option to update the time zone for your Chargebee site.

Changing time zone will affect the following dashboard metrics:

  • Sales
  • New Sales
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Signups
  • Sales Reversals


1. Can multiple Chargebee sites under a Chargebee account have different time zones?

Yes, a Chargebee Account can have multiple sites set in different time zones.

2. Will changing the time zone affect my plan settings or the next billing date in Chargebee?

Updating time zone in your Chargebee site will not affect your plan settings or the next billing date.
Say, you updated the time zone in your Chargebee site to NZDT from UTC, your Chargebee site will be updated to the current New Zealand time. And this time zone update will reflect in the next billing date as well.

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