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Differential Pricing 


In addition to defining the basic price points for an addon or a charge, you can set different price points for the same addon or charge, based on the plan with which they are purchased. You do not have to create multiple versions of the same addon or charge for this purpose, or modify their price in the subscriptions manually. Chargebee helps you to handle this automatically using differential pricing.


Let's say you are offering an addon 24 X 7 Customer Support that comes at two basic price points. When you allow your customers to purchase this addon along with any plan, or when you attach this as a mandatory addon to your Standard and Enterprise Plans, you can set differential pricing for this addon, based on the plan with which it is purchased, as follows:

Currency & Billing Frequency / Price Points Base Price Price when purchased with Standard Plan Price when purchased with Enterprise Plan
USD Monthly $100 $90 $150
USD Yearly $1000 $900 $1500

Differential pricing not only helps addresses your unique pricing strategies for bundling plans and addons, but does so with a clutter free product catalog and zero manual intervention.

Setting Differential Pricing 

You can set differential pricing for an addon or a charge from their respective details page.

To set differential pricing for an addon, follow these steps:

  1. Click Product Catalog > Addons and select the addon or charge for which you are setting differential pricing.
  2. Under differential pricing, click +Set Differential Pricing.
  3. Select the plan for which you are setting this differential pricing of the addon or charge. You can use the search box to quickly search for your plan and select. Note that you will not be able to select a plan, unless atleast one price point has been defined for the plan.
  4. In the Set differential pricing page, click +Add a currency and define price per unit for the billing frequencies.
  5. Click Create.

You can repeat the above steps to set differential pricing for the same addon when attached to other plans.

You can view all the differential price points that you have set for an addon under the Differential Pricing section in the addon details page. You can click to view the price or even edit and delete them as required.

Once you set differential pricing for the addons and charges, whenever a subscription is created for a plan along with the addon or charge, the price of the addon will differ, based on the plan selected in the subscription.

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