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Besides the recurring charges that occur in the subscription based on plans and addons, you can also apply additional one time charges and non recurring addons to a subscription. These charges can be applied to the subscription through the web interface or the API.

Add Charges 

You can collect a one time payment from a customer or a subscription using the "Add Charge" option. This option can be quite useful especially when you come across scenarios where you have to collect payments from customers for goods or services that are not normally included as a part of their subscription model. It can also be used when you want to collect payment for a product or service that is not modeled into your system like a non-recurring addon. The "Add Charge" option is available through the UI and the API .

To do this through the UI, open the customer or subscription and click on the "Add Charge" button.

Specify the amount and also when the payment should be collected from the customer. You can collect it immediately or along with the next recurring invoice, and it will appear on the subscription details once it is added.

If "Add Charge" has been applied multiple times, the total of all the charges will be shown in the subscription.

If the payments are applied to be collected at next renewal, it will show up under the current term charges/credits section and the charge will go through along with the next recurring invoice.

When a payment is collected immediately, an invoice is created right away. If the "Invoice Receipt" email notification is turned on, the invoice will be emailed to the customer as well. Click here to learn how to enable email notifications.

The comments added to the memo will show up as the description of the line item on the invoice.

Note: If a subscription has a coupon present, it will not be applied when payments are collected immediately. However, if the payment should be collected on the next renewal, the coupon discount will be added, if applicable.

When using the "Add Charge" option for customers, the payments will be collected immediately since it is not associated with any subscription. You can also apply a discount coupon when collecting the payment.

Charge Addon 

A non-recurring addon can be applied to a subscription during sign up and at any time during the subscription period. They can also be added to customers. This can be done through the API  as well as from the subscription page in the web interface. More than often it is better to use this method rather than applying an ad hoc charge of the same amount every time, especially considering you can tailor the price of the addon to a customer or a subscription every time you apply it.

An advantage of modeling a charge into a non-recurring addon instead of applying it to a subscription or an invoice every time you need to is that you can pull a report of the addon whenever required. You can easily find out which type and how many addons were applied to your subscriptions from the report.

To apply a non-recurring addon:

  • Navigate to the subscription

  • Click on Add Addon

  • Select the non-recurring addon

  • If you would like to override the price of the addon enter a new price in the Unit Price field

  • Specify "When to Charge" - you can either charge the addon immediately or with the next recurring invoice.

  • Click on Submit.


Addons can be added to a particular customer only as an immediate charge.

For quantity based non-recurring addons you can specify the quantity of the addon while applying it. If you choose to enter a new price for the addon here, it will applied to the entire quantity you specify.

To include a recurring addon to a subscription, you can use the Change Subscription option under Actions. Learn more about editing existing subscriptions here.


If an applicable coupon is present on the subscription, it will be applied to the invoice generated when the addon is added to the subscription. This is regardless of whether the addon is applied immediately or on the next renewal.

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