Manage Payment Sources 

A platform built by Chargebee to manage the payment methods of your customer. Chargebee ensures you have the required globally accepted payment methods and gateways set up for your customers to carry out secure payments. This feature is a subset of the various capabilities available in the customer portal.

A primary payment method needs to be added by your customer to run the billing process efficiently, also backup payment methods are always recommended to support primary payment method failure scenarios.

This platform can help you to:

  • Securely handle your customer payments.

  • Notify your customers about their payment method statuses.

You can integrate with Chargebee payment sources using:

API-based Integration 

You can generate a hosted page URL to add new or update existing payment methods for a customer using Chargebee's APIs.

Learn more  on manage payment source API.

Email-based Integration 

This can be accomplished by including a manage payment button to add new or update existing payment sources on the Request Payment method email sent to the customer.


Once the Update Payment Method link is sent, it is only valid for 5 days. If you wish to extend this validity for your customers, please contact .

Here is a sample email:

And once the customer, clicks on the Update Payment Method, a Payment Method screen appears for adding the backup payment methods:

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