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Pause Subscription 

Chargebee allows you to pause the subscription from renewing temporarily and place them on hold with the Pause Subscription feature.

You can pause a customer's subscription on his request.
Say, your customer is traveling and will not be using the subscription till he returns, or they won't be home when you deliver the package they subscribed, or you're unable to deliver the product temporarily, or when there are issues with the payment, you can place the subscription on hold.

Subscriptions held on pause will not show up in reports as a churn. You can filter the subscriptions that are paused.

When a subscription is paused:

  • Subscription renewals will not go through if the renewal date falls within the pause period.
  • Whenever you resume the subscription, the billing cycle will remain intact.
  • Managing the billing cycle of a paused subscription depends on the subscription period of the plan. For a monthly plan, pausing the subscription for 2 months, will no affect the billing cycle of the subscription. However, for a yearly plan, pausing the subscription for 2 months will mean that you customer is losing the 2 months of the service period.
  • Subscription renewal reminder emails will not be sent to the customer during the pause period.
  • Paused subscription will not be taken into account while calculating the MRR.
  • Non-recurring charges linked to the subscription will be invoiced when the subscription is resumed post the billing term.
  • Perform actions one past invoices linked to the subscription, such as record payment, write-off or void

Options for Pause:

  • Immediate Pause: The subscription will be paused immediately
  • Scheduled Pause: The subscription will be paused on a specific date mentioned

If the resume date is not mentioned, subscription will continue to stay on pause indefinitely.

  • This feature is available only in API.
  • If the subscription is scheduled to be paused, it'll override other changes that were scheduled for the said subscription and will prevent further changes as well.
    Say, you're scheduling the subscription for an upgrade and schedules a pause for the subscription. In this case, the subscription upgrade will not take place, and will go on pause.
  • Contact  to enable Pause Subscription for your Chargebee site.
  • Scheduled subscription cancellation will take place even if the subscription is on pause or scheduled for a pause.
  • A paused subscription can be manually cancelled at any point in time.

Chargebee gives you options to configure other business essentials concerning the subscriptions on pause:

Here's how you can configure business essentials in your Chargebee site when a subscription is being paused:

Unbilled Charges

Unbilled charges in a paused subscription can be dealt with in two ways

  • Invoice now: You can choose to invoice the unbilled charges linked to the invoice right when the subscription is paused. If the subscription's Auto-Collection is ON, Chargebee will try and collect the payment. If the payment fails, or Auto-Collection is OFF, invoice will be closed as unpaid
  • Retain as Unbilled: If you choose to retain the unbilled inv, they will be invoiced when the subscription resumes.

Dunning Invoices

When the subscription is paused, and there are invoices associated to the subscription that are in dunning, you can choose whether the invoices should continue with dunning or stop dunning.
If you choose to continue dunning for the subscription that is paused, the final action will take over even if the subscription is on pause.

Say, the customer has enabled Consolidated invoicing and chooses to stop dunning for the paused subscription. Chargebee will check if there is at least one active subscription listed in the invoice, and will not stop dunning for the said invoice. However the subscription will be paused.

Resume Subscription 

A subscription in pause can be resumed at any point in time.
It can either be done manually or can be scheduled to be resumed on a future date.
If no resume date is mentioned, the subscription will be paused indefinitely
For a scheduled resumption, the resumption date can be updated even when the subscription is on pause.

When the subscription resumes, you can choose to collect payment for the existing unpaid invoices of the subscription or retain them as unpaid. The attempt will be made to collect the payment only when Auto-Collection is ON for the subscription. Chargebee will collect payment for the paused subscription if the paused subscription resumes within the billing term.

There are 2 scenarios that come in to play when a subscription resumes, as far as the billing term of the subscription is concerned:

  1. In-term Resumption
  2. Out of term Resumption

In-term Resumption

This is when a subscription is paused and resumed within the billing term of the subscription.
Say, the subscription renews on the 1st of every month. If the subscription is paused on 15th and resumed on the 25th, this is considered an in-term resumption.


For in-term resumption, Chargebee will try and collect the payment for the unpaid invoice of the current term right when the subscription resumes, given dunning is not in progress for the invoice. If the payment does not go through, Chargebee will hold the subscription on pause.

When a subscription resumes in-term, no new charges will be invoiced.

Out of Term Resumption

When a paused subscription resumes after the renewal date, it is considered as an out of term resumption.
Say, the subscription renews on the 1st of every month. If the subscription is paused on the 15th and resumed on the 10th of the next month, this is considered an out of term resumption.


In this case, a new invoice will be generated on the 10th of March. If the payment goes through, the subscription will resume, else it will remain paused.
The collection of the invoice generated on the 1st of Feb will be scheduled as soon as the subscription resumes.

If calendar billing is enabled, subscription term will align with the billing date and charges will be raised accordingly.

If you do not have calendar billing enabled for your Chargebee site, resuming the subscription out of term will update the renewal date of the subscription to the date of resumption. Say, a subscription with the start date as 1st of every month was paused and resumed on the 10th of the next month. The subscription renewal date will now be updated to 10th.

Impacts of Pause Subscription 

Pausing a subscription will have the following impacts:

  • Change subscription will not be allowed. Scheduled changes will be removed when the subscription is paused or scheduled to be paused.
  • Advance invoices cannot be raised on a subscription that's on pause. If there are any advanced invoices raised on a subscription that's paused later, credits will be created for the invoice.
  • Next billing date cannot be changed if the subscription is on pause. However, if the subscription is scheduled to be paused at the end of term, the next billing date can be changed to a date that falls within the date of resumption.


What will happen to the non-recurring charges if the subscription is resumed before the end of the billing term?

If the subscription resumes before the end of the billing term, non-recurring charges will not be invoiced right away. Said charges will be added to the invoice of the subscription renewal.

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