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Transfer Configurations 

With your Test site completely configured to suit and reflect your business scenarios, you don't need to enable everything from square one in your Live site. You can seamlessly transfer almost all of your Test site configurations into your Live site with few simple straight forward steps using our powerful Transfer Configurations tool.

To use this tool, you must have the Live site enabled for your Chargebee Test site. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Transfer Configurations and get started with the tool.

Steps Involved 

Only the owner and admins of the Chargebee site who have access to both Test and Live site can transfer configurations. Listed here are the three steps you would go through while transferring configurations:

Step 1: Select the type of transfer you want to go forward with:

  • Transfer all configurations 
  • Transfer only selected configuration

If you choose the second option to transfer only a selective group of configurations, you can select the configurations to transfer.

Step 2: Validate the selected features. Validation process will look for price-locked features and feature inter-dependencies. It would throw appropriate prompts with reason on why the feature could not be transferred.

If checks are completed without any issues found, either on the first run or on rerun after rectifying the prompts, you can go forward with the transfer.

Step 3: Transfer the features. Successful transfer will send an email notification to all the admins and owner of the Chargebee site.

Transferring Test to Live 

Each feature you selected for transfer would be checked for difference with the Live site. Features having data associated with them, will add to the existing Live site data on transfer. Features which are configuration oriented will replace the Live site configurations on transfer.

Features which have data associated with them are,

  • Currencies
  • Taxes 
  • Product catalog

All the other features present inside the Transfer Configurations tool are configuration-oriented features.


In the case of Checkout and Portal configuration transfer, only In-app Checkout and Portal configurations could be transferred.

Transferring Live to Test 

Transferring Live to Test works by transferring all configurations, therefore copying selected configurations would not be possible. Copying all your Live site configurations to Test site will erase all data in the Test site and replace it with the Live site data. 


When you are about to test new features in your Test site, remember to transfer configurations from your Live site to Test site first, and then start testing. This ensures that your Test site is an absolute replica of your Live site, and therefore helps in running perfect simulations on how the feature would fit in your workflow.


1)What are the configurations that cannot be transferred?

Configurations that require separate credentials for the Live site cannot be transferred. This includes,

  • Gateways
  • Third-party Integrations

2)What are the configurations that can be transferred but not listed in the Transfer Configurations tool?

  • Email templates can be copied to the Live site using the Push to live site option for each template.
  • Custom fields can be copied to Live site using the Publish to live option in its overview page.

3)What happens to the configuration changes in draft state while transferring?

  • Configuration changes drafted in Test site would be ignored during copy.
  • Configuration changes drafted in Live site would be deleted during copy.
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