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Xero Mapping 

If you would like to start using Chargebee with Xero, or have been using Xero for some time and have manually created invoices, it might be a good idea to migrate your customer and plan/addon information from the application to Chargebee and map the customers/plans/addons in Chargebee so that there aren't any duplicates that might cause errors or flaws in reporting.

The mapping process is simple. This document will walk you through what's involved in the mapping process in two parts - customer mapping and item mapping.


For information on how to migrate your customer/item information to Chargebee, check out our migration documentation .

Customer Mapping 

If you would like to map customer information between Xero and Chargebee to avoid Chargebee creating duplicate customers in your Xero site, follow these steps:

Step 1: Initiate the mapping process during integration or via an email to Chargebee support

The customer mapping process can be initiated after connecting your Xero Organisation to Chargebee. Chargebee will prompt you to contact support to get the process started when Chargebee validates your Xero organisation, if it finds pre-existing invoices in Xero.

If you have already started using the Chargebee-Xero integration and would like to initiate the mapping of customer data between Xero and Chargebee send a mail to  and we'll get the process started.

Step 2: Chargebee prepares a CSV file of customer information from Xero and Chargebee

Having received your request to map data from Xero to Chargebee, Chargebee will attempt to automatically map customer information from Chargebee with customer information in Xero. A customer's information from Xero will match a customer's information from Chargebee if both customer-objects:

  • Have the same Email Id

  • Have the same Company Name in Chargebee and Contact Name in Xero

  • Have the same First name + Last name in Chargebee and First name + Last name in Xero

The information will be sent to you as a CSV file with customer information from your Xero Organisation and your Chargebee site. It will show you:

  • Which of your Xero customers have equivalents in Chargebee

  • Which of your Xero customers do not have equivalents in Chargebee

  • Which of your Xero customer have more than one equivalent in Chargebee

Step 3: Review the CSV file

With the initial mapping complete, we will send the CSV file to you to review. It will look like this:

Reviewing the file gives you the opportunity to:

  • Confirm that there are no false matches

  • Manually match customers that don't have a match in Chargebee

  • If customer information from Xero matches with more than one customer from Chargebee, decide which Chargebee customer you would like to map with the one in Xero.

Step 4: Chargebee uses the reviewed CSV to map your Xero site information with Chargebee

Finally, send the updated CSV file back to Chargebee support (if you have made any changes to it as a part of the review). We will use this final, reviewed version of your CSV to map customer data between Xero and Chargebee.


When should I map data between Chargebee and Xero?

If you would like to integrate Chargebee with your accounting application and have pre-existing or manually created Chargebee invoices in Xero, it is a good idea to map your customer and item data between the two application before you begin integration, so there aren't any duplicates that might cause errors or flaws in reporting.

Chargebee will prompt you to initiate the mapping process when you are integrating with Xero.

Can I skip the mapping step?

In case you have invoices in Chargebee and have manually created them in Xero as, the corresponding Customers, Products/Items etc will be available in both Chargebee and Xero. After integrating Chargebee and Xero, invoices created for a customer existing in Chargebee and Xero will be synced but since Chargebee does not understand that ‘ABC Company' in Chargebee is ‘ABC Company' in Xero, Chargebee will create ‘ABC Company 2'. This might create complications later. So it is recommended that you map data between Xero and Chargebee so that duplicates are not created.

If you still decide to skip the process of doing the mapping, you can inform us and we will skip the step as part of the Chargebee-Xero Integration setup.

Can I map or update customer/item data between Chargebee and Xero after my integration is complete?

Yes, you can. Contact Chargebee support to map or update customer/item data after the integration is complete.

I have created customers and items in Xero and now want to sync them back. What should I do?

Create the customers and items in Chargebee as well and drop a mail to Chargebee support with a request for a data mapping to be done. We will map the Chargebee and Xero customer and item IDs and get back to you a CSV file where you will be able to review the mapping and make sure it is correct.

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