Managing Contracts made simple with Chargebee & GetAccept

Getaccept + Chargebee

Your sales team needs to jump through several hoops to incorporate contract terms into a subscription: Raise a quote, send a contract document, follow-up to get the customer to sign the contract, and finally create a subscription as per the contract terms.

Chargebee’s integration with GetAccept lets you go from ‘Send Quote’ to ‘Subscription Created’ in one seamless flow. Your sales team can send a Chargebee Quote as a contract document through GetAccept and get the contract e-signed. This integration does away with the manual effort of drafting contract documents, and even creates a new subscription automatically.

Accurate Subscription and CRM Data

Spend less time managing quotes and contracts, and focus on closing more deals:

  • Make your sales team more efficient at working with contracts by configuring contract templates in GetAccept

  • Send Chargebee Quotes as contracts via GetAccept with pre-filled information

  • Automate email follow-ups through GetAccept to get the customer to e-sign a contract, so your sales team can focus on closing more deals

  • Manage information about your customers, quotes and contracts from within Chargebee

Easy Subscriber Management

You can create workflows to automate actions in Chargebee, based on the customer’s actions on GetAccept:

  • Change the status of a Quote: When the customer e-signs a contract on GetAccept, the status of the corresponding Quote in Chargebee is automatically updated to ‘Accepted’

  • Create a subscription: When the contract is signed, a new subscription configured as per the terms of the contract is automatically created in Chargebee, with auto-collection set to ‘off’.

Visit Salesforce to learn more about setting up this integration.

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution that lets you keep track of the leads generated, deals closed, and new customers acquired by your business.

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