GetAccept is an online sales enablement and contract management platform that enhances the capabilities of B2B sales teams

Managing Contracts made simple with Chargebee & GetAccept

Chargebee +

Your sales team needs to jump through several hoops to incorporate contract terms into a subscription: Raise a quote, send a contract document, follow-up to get the customer to sign the contract, and finally create a subscription as per the contract terms.

Chargebee’s integration with GetAccept lets you go from ‘Send Quote’ to ‘Subscription Created’ in one seamless flow. Your sales team can send a Chargebee Quote as a contract document through GetAccept and get the contract e-signed. This integration does away with the manual effort of drafting contract documents, and even creates a new subscription automatically.

Simplify your Contract Management Workflow

Spend less time managing quotes and contracts, and focus on closing more deals:

  • Make your sales team more efficient at working with contracts by configuring contract templates in GetAccept

  • Send Chargebee Quotes as contracts via GetAccept with pre-filled information

  • Automate email follow-ups through GetAccept to get the customer to e-sign a contract, so your sales team can focus on closing more deals

  • Manage information about your customers, quotes and contracts from within Chargebee

Set up Automation Rules

You can create workflows to automate actions in Chargebee, based on the customer’s actions on GetAccept:

  • Change the status of a Quote: When the customer e-signs a contract on GetAccept, the status of the corresponding Quote in Chargebee is automatically updated to ‘Accepted’

  • Create a subscription: When the contract is signed, a new subscription configured as per the terms of the contract is automatically created in Chargebee, with auto-collection set to ‘off’.

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