Delighting customers at all touch points is the key.

In the SaaS world, it's not just the product that helps you win in the market, it is also important to ensure that customer service is top-notch, especially when the product is a critical component, like billing.

One of the best roles inside Chargebee is Customer Service.
- Krish, Co-Founder and CEO

Customer Support is much more than answering tickets. One has to understand the customer's problems and solve it. Support engineers end up learning a lot about the business of the customer and how Chargebee integrates with it. Gaps in the product are identified by support engineers who then take it up with product teams to improve or add features.

Lakshmi Narayanan
Lakshmi Narayanan Customer Success
We become consultants for the customer. We analyse why the issue came first, reducing the friction for the customer with the product and it is such good feeling to see him/her happy at the end of a query call.
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