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Chargebee manages subscriptions for millions of customers on behalf of thousands of merchants every month. Each of these merchants are different and have a unique use case. Pricing models, billing logic, taxation rules, payment methods, language, currency, and accounting practices vary from merchant to merchant based on geography, sector, and size.

How can we design and architect a product that has layers of complexity to solve for each use case and yet keep things simple and scalable? - Krish, Co-Founder and CEO
Deep Customizations
Deep Customizations, Smart Defaults.
Technology for technology's sake is not enough. It needs to solve problems. To solve the problems of thousands of merchants, we need to understand their workflow and their issues and design an exhaustive set of features and sub-features that they need to run their business. At the same time, we have to keep it simple for everyday use.
Billing and payments are mission critical component for merchants
  • Uptime has to be 99.999% of the time.
  • Data has to be secure 100% of the time.
  • API has to be fast, flexible, and reliable.
  • Code has to be scalable always.
  • New features must be backward compatible.
  • The system to gracefully handle all edge cases.

Our engineers wear multiple hats. They code, they collaborate with other functions, they fail-proof for all edge-cases, and they test their code themselves. Together they build and grow a global product that can compete with the best. And yes, they talk to customers directly.

I believe in Chargebee, and Chargebee believes in my potential to grow. I am glad that both our beliefs are reinforced everyday, with our growth as an organization opening up bigger possibilities for my growth as an individual. - Sathya
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