Building a diverse and inclusive workplace boosts competence.

Chargebee is dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment. With support from the Executive team and many others across the organization, we are continuously reviewing and improving our efforts to provide best-in-class physical, cultural and developmental infrastructure to support working women. Chargebee is committed to high gender parity one difficult conversation at a time.

Flexible work hours. Work from home. Flexi-leaves. Support for working moms. Inclusive insurance and parental leave policy.
Safe Workspace
Stringent policies on respect at work. Internal Complaints Committee for Prevention against sexual harassment.
Career Development
Global Managers' Program to groom the next generation of leaders. Ample cross-functional and growth opportunities
Internal Support Platforms
Slack groups. Intimate learning and networking opportunities to learn concrete skills, elevate, and build connections.


Chargebee’s flagship summit aims to build dialogues around crucial issues that plague women at workplaces today. EmpowHER features women in technology, to support and inspire women leaders from within the company as well as from our customers and partners.

Ayumi Urabe

Ayumi Urabe

Chief of Staff
Chargebee supports your professional growth. Everyday, you’ll work with globally distributed teams comprised of warm people who share a 'can do' attitude and willingness to work together to solve complex problems. Culturally, we value diverse backgrounds and life experiences, and support cross-departmental moves to promote learning and development.
Sukanya Kuppuswamy

Sukanya Kuppuswamy

Senior Director, Implementations
I think women and women leadership in Chargebee is a "natural order of things." The fact that we don't drumbeat about "Women in Leadership," says a lot about how empowered we are.
Octoli Tuccu

Octoli Tuccu

Learning and Development Specialist
In my first month at Chargebee, I ran a Cultural Intelligence workshop for our leaders; by the second month, we rolled it out as a part of our onboarding strategy (to foster inclusivity). Chargebee to me is synonymous with curiosity and I am deeply grateful to be a part of this learning organization.
Penny Desatnik

Penny Desatnik

Director, Corporate Communications
At Chargebee, everyone is open to feedback from the top-down. There is a conscious effort to pay attention, listen, trust, and empower. Given our scale and growth rate, having different voices heard means every voice needs to be represented. I can find and create opportunities for people without going through a singular channel, which may not necessarily represent everyone in the organization. And the leadership trusts you with these decisions.

Nandhini G S

Lead, Customer Solutions
Driving fundamental changes has been inherent to building a diverse work environment. Chargebee does this by investing in empathetic leadership who are cognisant of team's needs and foster career paths based solely on an individual's expressed interest and potential, irrespective of the gender.
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