Building a diverse and inclusive workplace boosts competence.

Women comprise 33% of our workforce. We are striving hard to improve this. Our strategy is to provide best-in-class physical and cultural infrastructure to support working women.

Flexible work hours, work-from-home, and flexible leaves.
Company shuttle service at night. Sexual harassment cell.
Moms at work
Maternity leave, and back to work support with daycare facility on campus.
Women@Work support group. Meal facility for late shifts. 1+4 health insurance.
Chargebee is a great place for women to work at. Most of the basic stuff people expect from a global company are in place.
- Archana, Human Resources

Women. Tech. Fab.

Bringing more women into the technology sector is important to us. And we are walking the talk. WTF is a women-focussed hackathon that Chargebee organises.

Arundhati Balachandran

Arundhati Balachandran

Director of Sales
Chargebee’s philosophy, that everyone competent should stand an equal and fair chance to rise up to leadership ranks, enables us to create an environment with a solid support system. This lets everyone (especially women) to bring their A-game to work.
Charanya Rangarajan

Charanya Rangarajan

Customer Success
I was apprehensive about fitting in Chargebee, but I enjoyed my work here so much that 6 months turned into 1, 2 and 3 years and this included a sabbatical! It is easier when your organization thinks about diversity in the same way that you do, and I am proud of working here.
Charanya Rangarajan


Engineering - Functional Lead
As a fresher and one of the earliest women in tech here, Chargebee has opened the gates for so many learnings and opportunities. It has also given me my first experience as a leader and has continuously encouraged me to push my boundaries.
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