Women comprise 25% of our workforce. It’s not the best we can do, and we acknowledge it. We intend to improve this. Across all functions. Across all levels.

Chargebee was started in 2011. The first few formative years brought challenges that were largely to do with building a product that customers were willing to buy, paying salaries, and surviving. As we grew, it became clear that we’re building a global company, with customers all over the world.

We’re diversifying

  • We are building a workplace that we want to come to everyday.

  • We have a diverse set of customers. To serve them realistically, we should be diverse ourselves.

As a fresher and one of the earliest women in tech here, Chargebee has opened the gates for so many learnings and opportunities, and also gave me my first experience as a leader. The environment is very comfortable, and has encouraged me to push my boundaries continuously.

Chitra, Engineering

At Chargebee, I am confident in expressing my thoughts and ideas. It was my first job, I have seen myself grow here. The last 5 years in Chargebee has been exciting and my role and experience has diversified a lot. It gave me power to think in different angles. Chargebee gives us a perfect opportunity to learn, grow and transcend.

Gayathri, Business Operations


Flexible work hours. Work from home. Flexible leaves.


Sexual harassment cell. Company shuttle service after 9.

With over 10 years of experience in corporate America and India, as well as having founded a business, I often come across discussions about women in leadership positions. Women should aspire to become leaders. Chargebee's philosophy is that everyone competent should stand an equal and fair chance to rise up the leadership ranks. This enables us to create an environment with plenty of opportunity to grow and provides a solid support system that lets everyone (especially women) bring their A-game to work.

Arundhati, Sales

Moms at work

Maternity leave policy. Playschool and daycare facilities at SP Infocity. Back to work support.


Women@Work support group. Meal facility for late shifts. 1+4 health insurance.

I was looking for a place to learn and grow when I joined Chargebee. And I did learn and grow. Important changes in my life was accommodated well - as a new mother, Chargebee ensured I was able to get back to work easily. Chargebee gave me the confidence to constantly strive for excellence.

Sambavi, Customer Support

I come from a completely different educational background (PhD in Biology from Germany) and I wasn't sure I'd fit in. Chargebee proved to be different. I enjoyed my work so much that 6 months turned into 1, 2, and 3 years and this included a sabbatical! There's no limit to what women can accomplish but it makes things much easier if your organization thinks the same too. Chargebee is one of them.

Charanya, Customer Success

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