A stranger’s comment and a life changing opportunity

Finnish philology, computer clubs, back of business cards - life changing opportunities sit patiently, utterly overlooked, in coded forms. Seeking someone who’d spot the missing link or the ridiculously obvious connection, and then, pour in the time and effort, to pursue them.

For Girish Mathrubootham, one such opportunity, sat in a Hacker News comment. It was a user’s lament against a Helpdesk system that had recently raised its prices. Something happened to Girish, the moment he read it.


Growth & chaos

By the time they were nearing 500 customers, in early 2012 - increasingly, there were too many things to deal with and too few people to tend to them.

way out

Discovering a new system

They decided to use Chargebee, to see if they could quell the chaos that had spun around billing, because different teams relied on it to deliver.

To avoid dealing with a moving target, we started onboarding their new customers through Chargebee, and slowly migrated their old customers as well. A practice that we’ve followed with all customers, since.


Unlocking conversions,
retention, and productivity.

Scaling is about outpacing one’s own growth. Transforming into a new kind of company, with the lessons from yesterday. It gets even more complex in horizontal markets, like Freshdesk’s.