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How AX Semantics improved cross-functional performance by tracking Customer LTV on RevenueStory

Tech Stack
Finance Chargebee, Stripe, Datev
Operations Slack, Zapier, Jira
Analytics RevenueStory Premium, Chargebee reports
Success Intercom
RevenueStory gives you insights on everything. You don’t need to do any manual exports/imports or get a separate tool. With the data in Chargebee, RevenueStory is all the business intelligence you need.
— Robert Weissgraeber, MD & CTO
The Problem
Alignment is hard when you’re a rapidly growing startup. AX Semantics is a 42-member team with around 300 customers. The headcount is too big for a weekly team catch-up but not big enough to invest in setting up a sophisticated BI tool.
The need to get the team aligned towards a single business goal pushed Robert Weissgraeber, Managing Director and CTO of AX-Semantics, to try out multiple analytics platforms and even build something in-house. But this demanded precious developer hours. Even worse, it didn’t allow AX Semantics to run quick experiments across various parts of their customers’ journeys.
AX Semantics wanted a system that could let them pull out custom subscription reports and metrics. They also absolutely needed something that could get the entire team aligned to their one true objective - Growth.
The Solution
To get everyone aligned towards moving the right needle, Robert divided the customer journey into Acquisition, Leakage, Churn & Retention.
Every month, they picked a single theme, set up corresponding reports in RevenueStory, and directed all their efforts to improve each of these metrics.
“Without RevenueStory, all of this would’ve been tough,'' says Robert. RevenueStory’s metrics & reports made it possible for them to get what would have taken days of manual work into a single real-time dashboard for each function in the team. See more about reporting with Chargebee
The Pay-off
Lifetime Value (LTV) has always been the major driving factor behind AX-Semantics’ growth and therefore one of Robert’s favorite metrics.
While analyzing LTV across users, Robert noticed that the value they derived from customer to customer could vary by over 100%. This despite having no significant differences in the inherent customer characteristic.
After digging into Segments in RevenueStory, Robert realized that the difference came down to the sales executives and customer success managers who were handling these accounts.
This newly-discovered knowledge enabled Robert to identify patterns among the high performing executives and their interactions, and structure the processes to emulate them. See how Chargebee drives efficiency into your Revenue Operations