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How Doctify streamlined their Revenue Operations to increase efficiency, with Chargebee

Doctify seamlessly migrated into Chargebee with their efficient onboarding

Before Chargebee

Manual processes around Sales + complex discounts

With a heavily sales-led process, Doctify used Docusign and once the contract is signed, their finance team would call the customer to get the payment details followed by manually creating a Stripe profile. This with an occasional discount would make the whole process an onerous task.

After Chargebee

Streamlined Revenue Operations

Significant improvement in process efficiencies for the billing team with streamlined and automated processes

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The Problem

With over 2,000 customers and a continuous trend of new sign-ups, Doctify ended up dealing with too many processes and ad-hoc tasks involved with too few people to tend to them. Doctify had experienced professionals spending over 30% - 40% of their time on the entire billing process.

Being a sales-driven product, Doctify wasn’t in a position to have ‘self-sign up’ online. Instead, the team at Doctify relied heavily on offering one-on-one demos and services to their customers, via phone, screen-share, emails, or in person.

The challenges were…

  • Finding a solution that was ‘flexible’ with its out-of-the-box functionality so that Doctify could leverage the software into the current signing-up process.

  • Ability to integrate with their financial software stack at that point (Stripe and Xero) as well as Salesforce

  • Finding details of the subscription plans of each customer and their next billing information

  • Building a seamless, smart, and PCI-compliant checkout process.

  • Providing metrics and data on their CMRR / MRR.

The Solution

Jay Khiroya, who was the Head of Revenue Operations was responsible for (i) implementing and enhancing new and existing processes to increase efficiency and productivity, (ii) creating an exceptional user experience, and (iii) enabling Doctify to scale at the push of a button.

As part of those responsibilities, he was also looking at ways to automate their process of getting signed contracts and then their finance teams calling up customers to set up subscription profiles on Stripe.

They were also dealing with a constantly changing environment where Doctify:

  • Dealt with a very manual-heavy process to onboard customers, manage subscriptions, and renew customers from a payment and billing perspective.

  • Needed to issue various types of discounts and extended periods to customers

  • Created special offers and promotions during events and webinars

  • Needed a way to accept, manage, and stay on top of payment methods by Finance teams

On looking out and speaking with peers in their network, Chargebee turned out to be best suited to address all their needs in one place for Doctify. For Doctify, the implementation of Chargebee impacted more than one team. When choosing Chargebee and working on the implementation of this magnitude, here’s what the team thought of:

  • The available integrations that can align with their existing tech stack

  • Being able to increase the power of the existing tech stack, leverage and use additional features because of the integration, and being able to improve the process and the exchange of information

  • Being able to measure the implications of integrating with Chargebee and its risk and impact on the existing stack

The Result

Two of the key outcomes of Doctify’s integration with Chargebee are the seamless migration and onboarding support from the Chargebee team.

With Chargebee, Doctify was able to handle multiple currencies with GoCardless, ‘self online sign up’ as they scaled from a sales-led process, and were able to roll out promotions effortlessly as well as allow their customers to manage their subscriptions with Chargebee’s self-service portal.

More importantly, the RevOps team at Doctify was able to implement and enhance processes to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of their billing team.

We all have budgets and constraints on expenditure. But if there is a technology that is useful, can immediately demonstrate results and impact, can help achieve company objectives and save your employees time, as well as enhancing your customer experience, it’s worth the investment! What surprised me very quickly about Chargebee was the incredible onboarding and customer support service Chargebee provided. It’s probably been the best onboarding experience I have experienced so far.

Jay Khiroya, (Former) Head of Revenue Operations, Doctify

Tech Stack


Stripe, GoCardless, Chargebee, Xero

Sales & Marketing






What has worked well with Chargebee is they were on the same page and carry out their implementation in phases too. This is to ensure there are no surprises, the software fits well in the organization before it migrates all the data.
Jay Khiroya, (Former) Head of Revenue Operations, Doctify