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How Chargebee Helped Fishburners Solve Their Growing Pains

And Saves Them 32 Hours of Manual Accounting Work per month
Fishburners use Stripe for processing payments and the work behind accounting is done through Xero. Chargebee seamlessly integrates with both of them, thus providing ease of use.
We now have more time to do financial analysis and make strategic business decisions. With Chargebee, less time is spent punching in numbers and more time spent is on the big picture
— Ayush Patel, Finance Manager
The Problem
Fishburners spent almost 8 hours a week on manual accounting work. Managing their fast-growing subscriptions in multiple geographies wasn’t seamless either.
The finance team had to manually reconcile the invoices and the payment gateway data, which didn't allow them to focus on financial analysis and other pressing problems.
The customer success team used the accounting system to access customers' subscription information, which isn’t built for subscription management in the first place.
The Solution
Chargebee’s integration with Xero retained most of their existing processes without disrupting the workflow and automated their reconciliation with a simple plug-in.
The simple and intuitive UI, along with the built-in customer portal gives Fishburners’ customers the freedom of self-service to access, edit, and pause their subscriptions.
The role-based access helps the customer service team access subscription information directly from the billing system.
The Pay-off
The finance and accounting teams now save up to 32 hours of manual accounting every month.
Chargebee’s effortless payment gateway integration, multi-currency support, and tax-supported invoicing enables them to run their finance operations on auto-pilot.
With the smart dunning system, Fishburners prevents potential revenue loss from payment failures, improves their collections, and stays free from bad debts.